15 Tech Tools You Need Today

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I do this private, live video every other week for folks in our Less Doing Academy, where I dive into the latest and greatest tech tools out there.

While I am most definitely “tool agnostic” in that I don’t worship at the altar of a particular platform or tool or app, sometimes innovations come down the pipe that just blow me sideways.

Now, I obviously can’t tell you ALL the stuff I found in my searches last week, but here are fifteen, you’re gonna wish you had developed, but are still thrilled they exist.

I am.

Happy Clicking!

  1. The new version of Gmail web.
  2. MasterClass for iOS — Learn anywhere from the best in the world.
  3. Create a high performing team culture right from Slack.
  4. A smart speaker with Alexa for kids.
  5. Order anything, right from Slack.
  6. Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow.
  7. Convert incoming customer texts into Intercom conversation.
  8. Schedule Instagram Stories from your web browser — FREE Beta.
  9. YouTubers, track progress towards 💰monetization & beyond 🚀.
  10. Simplest way to write and publish beautiful docs.
  11. The ultimate sleep cycle app for Apple Watch.
  12. Quickly find the perfect gift!
  13. Simple, collaborative checklists. Not powered by AI.
  14. Improve Your Decision Making Skills.
  15. Organize your research and notes beautifully ✨

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