25 Tasks to Give a VA Service To Make Your Life Easier

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I asked the VA service we use most often, GetMagic, to give me a list of all the things they did for my team and me in December. Not because I was checking up on them. We’re long past that level of control. Not because I wanted to see if we were outsourcing inefficiencies, I mean I did invent this methodology that forbids inefficient outsourcing processes. Please. And not because I wanted to see if I could get a better price somewhere else. The relationship we have with GetMagic is not about price. It’s about trust, which as we all know is the basis for any good relationship and can’t be quantified in dollars and cents. Or euros.

No, I wanted the list because people ask me ALL THE TIME, “So what do you give them to do?”

Well, I use Magic for both my business and my personal life, so the answer is two-fold. What I’ve discovered is that the support I get in both areas, helps the other so seamlessly, that I am free to become replaceable in my business and more present in my personal life.

Outsourcing to the right people at the right time saves money and time and if you find the right VA company, will give you the freedom to pursue the things you want to do. The things you have to do can be in someone else’s wheelhouse.


Process St. — Member Onboarding
 A complicated and multi-step process that requires an attention to detail I sorely lack.

Manage Catering Service for Workshop 
I will not remember a gluten-free option, but Magic already knows the dietary needs of everyone attending.

The Replaceable Founder Book Process
The steps involved in publishing my latest book were monstrous. Magic organized it all and since they kept meticulous records, could document it for our community.

Request Refund for Calendly Account
They always get us a refund. Always.

Send Books to New Members
Every new Less Doing Leaders is gifted several copies of my book. Magic organizes this in a timely fashion.

Update Intercom Profiles
Our leads come into Intercom with spotty profiles. Magic rounds them out, so we have a complete picture of a potential client.

Send Jotform to Workshop Attendees
An automation alerts them to act, follow-up and ensure that we have all the information we need.

Add events to Calendar
 Forwarding an email to Magic takes two seconds.

Less Doing Academy Account Cancellation
We closed a membership tier within the organization, and the cancellation and refund process was repetitive but critical. Enter Magic.

Setting reminders for the Less Doing Team 
 These are a virtual tap on the shoulder for us.

Upload Process Hacker and Tech Talk to Member Site
 Magic has all of our log-ins, so it’s simple to upload files, videos, and assets.

Adding Information to Trello cards
Project Management is more fluid when Magic can go in and set deadlines, add checklists, and team members assigned to a task.

Printing Service for Workshop Workbook
Once an outside vendor completes the book, Magic sources a printer near the event and plans the production and delivery.

Instagram Integration with Meet Edgar 
 Our SM library and posting site now allow Instagram posts. Magic dealt with the integration and loaded postings to our content library there.

Sent summary of purchases Magic made on behalf of the team.
 End of year assessment of individual expenses.

Book flights
 Magic has the team’s preferences for seat assignments, airlines and FF numbers.


Handle Monthly Payments
 Every single bill my family receives, Magic handles.

Placed Online Orders and Monitor Delivery
 All I do is tell them what to order; they handle the rest

Daily Reminder to Say Something Nice to Husband/Wife

Research Painting Classes

Research School Schedule
I have four children in three different schools, with three different schedules

Research After School Activities
See above

Make dentist appointments
 See above

Set up birthday parties
 See above

Process Amazon Returns
 We order a lot through Amazon, but we return a lot as well.

Remember, it is impossible to become more productive, both in business and your personal life if you outsource an inefficient process. Giving vague direction and spotty information will make the outsourcing practice a nightmare. Know what you want, have a budget and a time frame and give simple, clear instructions. It takes practice, but anything worthwhile does. Not to oversell it or anything, but if you sign up with GetMagic using the referral link, you get one free request!

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