How To Delegate And Keep Your Sanity.

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“If you’re just accountable to yourself, then you are accountable to no one.”

The time has come for you to stop saying, “You got this,” as if your overwhelm is some badge of honor. It’s not.

The best reason to delegate is to finally get over the mindset that you need to hold on to anything. It’s too easy to create a bubble around yourself.

Then no one knows what you are working on. 
Then there’s no transparency. 
Then there’s no progress.

So how do you stop?

I’m sure you have all heard of the RACI model, but just in case it stands for:

R — Responsible — The person assigned to do the work.
A — Accountable — The person who makes the final decision and has the ultimate ownership.
 C — Consult — The person who must be consulted before a decision or action is taken. 
I — Informed — The person who must be informed that a decision or action has been taken.

We use this at Less Doing for Project Management with good result when everyone can tell me, what letter they are wearing on a specific project.

We don’t always get it right, and when we get it wrong, it’s always a breakdown of a team member’s ability to internalize and advocate their role. In other words, to own that shit.

I don’t like to be anything other than the “I” part because that’s Level 6 delegation in action. (Want to know more about the Levels of delegation, link to this article).

So, being genuinely effective means doing the right things, not just more things.

If you find yourself saying, “ I’ve been head down on this for the last month,” it means you are inefficient. Stop it.

A founder’s mantra should be:

Say it to the right person at the right time, once.

If you do that, you are no longer alone. And the moment you are no longer isolated is the moment your productivity catapults.

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