How To Use Less To Get More.

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(aka The MacGyver Method.)

I spend a lot of time talking to people about decision making. Yesterday, I came up with a pretty cool example that seems to resonate with a particular generation (mine).

So everyone remembers MacGyver right? Super cool guy, terrible haircut, worse fashion sense, But he got shit done with very little.

No one ever said to him, “ Here, go to this Home Depot and pick out whatever you want and do what you gotta do.” No. They said, “Here’s a paperclip and a box of Bisquick. Go make a bomb.”

Limited choices.

You see, we can’t innovate when we have too much at our disposal. As entrepreneurs, we have a lot more freedom than most, and our brains are not wired or comfortable within that broad framework.

So start constructing “Artificially Restrictive Limits” for yourself and your business . Give yourself less to work with, and you will see, almost immediately how the blocks become unblocked and the change happens.

Give yourself the gift of:

Less Time — Bring a project to fruition in half the time you planned. Remember perfect is the enemy of done.

Less Money — What automated or outsourced systems and processes could you put in place if you had to slash 20 percent off your operating budget? The technology is out there right now, find it.

Less Space — Actual physical limits. Use one shelf for your shoes. If your shoes do not fit on the shelf, stop buying shoes.

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