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In Episode #186 Ari interviews Adam Gilbert of [My Body Tutor](, one of the best resources available for people looking to improve their health through a minimalist combination of diet, exercise, and accountability.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 14:54 – The Introduction of Adam Gilbert

– 15:10 – Adam’s background

– 16:13 – The dangers of food as a self-nurturing drug

– 16:34 – What [My Body Tutor]( is

– 16:55 – My Body Tutor holds clients _accountable_ for their progress

– 17:50 – Daily accountability is HUGE difference maker

– 18:09 – People can do amazing things when they know others are watching

– 18:50 – Adam’s general philosophy?—dispel the myth that there is a magic formula to fitness—it’s about eating, exercise, and consistency

– 19:25 – Why is consistency so hard?

– 19:30 – Most diet and exercise are not sustainable

– 20:30 – Most people just go on food diets—there needs to be psychological change

– 21:23 – There’s no accountability

– 21:50 – It’s not about never making mistakes—it’s about mitigating those mistakes

– 22:40 – When we understand why we’re eating, it’s easier to understand what we’re eating

– 23:29 – It’s easier to replace a behavior than it is to quit a behavior

– 25:00 – Ask yourself _why_ when you’re eating

– 26:11 – Ari’s sugar addiction

– 27:18 – Exercise at My Body Tutor is individualized based on the client goals

– 27:33 – Exercise is the key to happiness and stress relief whereas diet is the key to weight loss

– 30:12 – Frequency of workouts depends on the client

– 30:52 – Adam’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_:

– 31:15 – Identify your 3 to 5 critical “balls”

– 31:50 – Write down _everything_

– 32:09 – If it can be done in less than two minutes, get it done right away

– 32:47 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. If your diet isn’t sustainable, it won’t work.

2. Dietary mistakes and fitness lapses are OK—just so long as they are few and far between.

3. Understand why you’re eating if you want to understand what you’re eating.

4. If not now, then when?

5. It’s easier to replace a behavior than it is to _quit_ a behavior.

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