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In Episode #188 Ari interviews Adam Stone of [Speedlancer](, a service that promises high-quality freelancing services and task completion in less than four hours of hire.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 14:13 – Introduction of Adam Stone

– 14:39 – The fastest freelancing on the planet

– 15:24 – Quality and speed rarely go hand in hand

– 15:40 – Acceptance time is usually within 10 minutes

– 16:17 – High-quality writing and graphic design is impressive given the short turnaround time

– 17:08 – How Adam got to a 10-minute workweek

– 17:40 – The more time Adam put into outsourcing, the more time he saved in the future – 18:50 – Speedlancer only uses native-English speakers form the US, CAN, UK, AU, and NZ

– 19:52 – How does the timing work out?

– 20:28 – Expansion plans

– 20:56 – Agencies, Start-ups and Small businesses are the target of Speedlancer

– 21:15 – Adam’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 21:18 – Start—you can’t be effective if you don’t get going

– 21:28 – Do everything yourself first—once you get the hang of it, document it down and get rid of it

– 22:09 – Be careful—outsourcing is a risky business

– 23:00 – Speedlaner is fully integrated with Slack thanks to a Speedlancer bot

– 24:11 – []( or

**3 Key Points:**

1. The more you put into outsourcing today, the more you can get out of it tomorrow.

2. Just start working—you can’t get something accomplished if you never start.

3. When it comes to outsourcing, use varying degrees of caution—it can be risky.

**Resources Mentioned:**

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– Music-laden videos made out of photos you submit to the service – [Visible.VC](

– A way to manage the logistical aspects of investor communication


– Audio Engineering provided — Send in a voice message: