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Alex Charfen – Defining the Entrepreneurial Personality

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Meet [Alex Charfen](, the man who pioneering adventurer who discovered the Entrepreneurial Personality type, and the Founder/CEO of [Charfen](

Alex works as a personal consultant to billionaires, Fortune 500 CEOs, and some of the world’s most successful individuals of industry. In addition to his brain power he loans for top-dollar, Alex is also a prominent speaker and writer who has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. Pssst—Check out Alex’s FREE GIFT to all Leverage Podcast listeners [here](


##Key Quote “When I look at the world, I think there are different types of people. And when you look at the entrepreneurs, and when you examine entrepreneurs, we’re different than most”

##What You’ll Learn

  1. The [Entrepreneurial Personality Type](
  2. The difference between entrepreneurs and the majority of the population
  3. The Contribution Gap and how Charfen helps bridge the gap
  4. The 4-Step High-Level Process
    1. Lower pressure and noise
    2. Increase protection and support
    3. Grow strengths and abilities
    4. Make that greatest contribution
  5. The BIG issue facing the vast majority of entrepreneurs
  6. The importance of knowing what to do in order to achieve your vision
  7. Why you should always communicate and authenticate your vision with your team
  8. The [Scrum Methodology](
  9. The meaning of, “Chase the membership you serve”
  10. Alex’s Top 3 pieces of advice
  • Make sure there’s a clear outcome for anything and everything you do—not matter the action, know the desired outcome.
  • Above all, exercise transparency with your internal and external people—employees, clients, etc.
  • Practice accountability at all times. Make a habit of it.

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