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Andrew Horn – Capturing Special Moments

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[Andrew Horn]( is the co-founder of [Tribute](, which The New Yorker called Hallmark 2.0. He is also a speaker and social entrepreneur who has been invited by Fortune 500’s, universities and associations to share about his expertise in communication and entrepreneurship. Learn about the inspiration behind Tribute and how you can make personalized video greetings for your loved ones. Check out Tribute and get a 50% discount exclusively offered by Andrew to listeners of Leverage.

– **What You’ll Learn **

How Andrew got the idea for Tribute after his girlfriend made a video tribute for him for his birthday Tribute has a 3-step process for making videos: – They send reminders and deadlines to the email list – People can upload videos on a collection page – They have their own collaborative video editor The features of tribute including how only videos and photos can be created by the site Tribute’s current marketing efforts to reach out Andrew got engaged two months ago Their special feature of doing live, on-site tributes Options for users of Tribute: do it yourself or let Tribute do it for you How people are given prompting questions to answer in their videos The videos are stored in perpetuity on their servers Andrew’s top three pieces of advice:

– Spend time with people you love and who inspire you – Go on a meditation program – Have a consistent practice of gratitude – Make sure you subscribe, rate and review our podcast and then send a screenshot of the review to us and you could win access to an elite pool of entrepreneurs and productivity experts through Leverage Labs!

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