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Andy Hnilo – Allitura Naturals Skincare

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In this episode, Ari sits down with Andy Hnilo, the founder of Alitura Naturals. They discuss the evolution of the company, and Ari helps Andy work through some of the issues that are holding his company back from reaching its full potential.

**Accident Turned Innovation

** Andy had a promising career in the entertainment industry until a serious car wreck derailed his plans. Eager to speed the recovery process, he began researching and learning all he could about healing and skin care. Andy explains how he turned experiments in his bedroom-turned-lab into a thriving skincare company with proven results.

**Managing Email and Customer Relations

** Managing email and customer communications can be a challenge for a small team. Without a proper system in place, it’s easy to spend hours responding to emails and customer requests at the expense of progress. Listen as Ari explains the importance of having separate systems for internal and external communications and suggests some tools and processes that will help Andy save time and communicate more effectively.

**An Optimized Process for Content Creation

** Creating educational content is a hugely impactful marketing method, especially for businesses like Alitura naturals. Ari shares his thoughts on why this needs to be Andy’s primary focus in order to have the biggest impact in the business. In this episode, Ari explains how content creation will benefit Andy’s company and shares a method to allow him to optimize his content creation process.

**How to Outsource Effectively

** Outsourcing effectively is a challenge many businesses face. In this episode, Andy and Ari discuss the challenges with Andy’s Virtual Assistant and some of the services he is using to process orders. Ari explains when and why you would choose a specialist over a generalist and suggests some services Andy should look into.

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025 – Ari opens the show and introduces his guest, Andy Hnilo of Alitura Naturals

1:22- Andy tells his story and shares the evolution of the business.

7:32 – Andy shares his challenges optimizing his customer interactions.

8:47 – Andy talks about the unique ingredients in his products and why this is such a critical part of the business.

16:44 – Ari asks Andy about the make-up of his team.

22:48 – Andy details his day-to-day activities and processes and the challenges he faces.

24:50 – Ari explains how Intercom could benefit Andy in responding to customers

28:50 – Ari explains the importance of separating internal and external communication and how using Intercom and Slack together make an effective combination of tools.

29:30 – Andy explains his order fulfillment process, and Ari details how Intercom makes this processes more optimized.

31:10 – Ari illustrates what a customer process could look like in Intercom and how this process can help Andy’s business scale.

31:50 – Ari and Andy talk about Dollar Fulfillment.

32:26 – Andy shares some challenges he is having with his Virtual Assistant.

34:30 – Ari explains the 6 Levels of Delegation

35:00 – Ari explains GrowthGeeks and why he believes they are a great option for managing Andy’s social media.

35:29 – Andy and Ari talk more about Andy’s challenges with his VA.

36:20 – Ari offers solutions to Andy’s trouble with marketing effectively.

43:00 – Ari has some suggestions for how Andy could improve his website.

48:35 – Andy shares all the things he wants to hire someone else to do so he can focus on areas where his talents are best utilized.

51:25 – Content creation is one of the most important tasks for Andy, and Ari explains how he can optimize this process.

55:18 – Andy would be better served by hiring a variety of specialists instead of generalists.

56:58 – Ari talks ab — Send in a voice message: