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**Episode 151**


In Episode #151 Ari brings the host of _[Hotel Impossible]( – Anthony Melchiorri – onto the podcast for an interview that explains how on Earth it is _possible_ for one man to turn a hotel from a loser into a winner in just four days!

**Special Announcements:**

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EO Vancouver On June 18th, join Ari at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in b-e-a-utiful Vancouver, B.C. as he takes the microphone for _EO Vancouver_. Enjoy this unique opportunity to watch Ari candidly discuss life as an Author, Speaker, Teacher and – most importantly – Achievement Architect.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

  • – 02:59 – Introduction of Anthony Melchiorri of _[Hotel Impossible](
  • – 03:38 – Defining what _Hotel Impossible _is
  • – 03:55 – How the show came about
  • – 05:15 – Why Anthony is concerned about the next generation of hoteliers
  • – 05:48 – How Anthony knew he could turn around a hotel in 4 days?—He was told to turn it around in 4 days
  • – 07:20 – With only 4 days to flip a hotel, efficiency with thinking is key
  • – 08:44 – Anthony starts every hotel by thinking about the guest (his Vulnerability of the Guest principle)…if the guest has a bad experience, your hotel is condemned to death
  • – 10:00 – The bottom line isn’t the important factor—hotels that overly focus on the bottom line will drive their customers away
  • – 11:07 – Everyone should be nicer to everyone based on the principle of “vulnerability of the guest”
  • – 12:38 – Anthony has to combat overpowering fear
  • – 14:18 – The best stress management technique is to have fun
  • – 14:30 – Anthony’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_
  • – 14:45 – Tell the truth
  • – 15:13 – Exercise and eat right
  • – 15:45 – If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room
  • – 16:16 – []( or _[Hotel Impossible]( on the Travel Channel, Tuesdays at 9PM

**3 Key Points:**

  1. Sometimes you just have to go with it—When you accept that, you can do the impossible.
  2. In any hospitality business, do not overly focus on the bottom line.
  3. Practice “vulnerability of the guest” in your daily life and be nicer to people.


– Music and Audio Editing provided by [Felix Bird](

– Show Notes provided by [Mike Rossi]( ——-

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