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Ari and Nick – Optimize, Automate, Outsource – “This is one more way that Amazon is getting in there.”

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## Key Quote “This is one more way that Amazon is getting in there.”

## Time-Stamped Notes

– 00:10 – The Art of Less Doing, on Audible

– 00:45 – [Amazon Prime Now]( has restaurants

– 01:30 – So many restaurants can’t do delivery

– 01:50 – Get [CloudApp]( to easily share anything.

– 02:55 – [Gridspace Memo]( is a conferencing solution that automatically gives summaries of conference calls.

– 04:00 – A resource if you have lots of conference calls

– 04:30 – [Brieftube]( is a Chrome extension that will automatically summarize a video.

– 04:50 – It will give you summaries and a table of contents for the video you’re watching.

– 05:20 – [Keplr]( takes your data and makes a prediction model

– 06:20 – You still need some customization and some work beyond the app

– 06:45 – Let us know what you think about this book title: Idea to Execution in a Day ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: