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Ari and Nick – Optimize, Automate, Outsource – “You can create a very quick and easy tribute video with hundreds of people.”

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**Key Quote** “You can create a very quick and easy tribute video with hundreds of people.” **Time-Stamped Notes**

01:00 – Ari and Nick are both very busy and are getting ready to launch their new book.

01:40 – The Thunderclap campaign for this podcast.

02:07 – Nick is enjoying some lamb neck.

03:00 –

03:07 – People can collaborate to make a video tribute for someone.

03:27– It compiles the video for you.

03:40 – Growth Geeks

03:50 – Freelance for “growth geeks”

04:00 – Design Geeks and Word Geeks

04:15 – New branches off of Growth Geeks

04:40 – See the benefits of outsourcing.

05:20 – Respondable

05:45 – Find out how likely you are to get a response from your emails in real time.

06:25 – It could help for cold emails.

06:40– They just raised prices.

06:55 – They’ve been using Google Docs for editing and reviewing their book.

08:00 – Calendly to set up shifts with higher pay on nights and weekends.

08:50 – Having developers come in person to work with them.

09:15 – Every once and a while, it’s great to meet someone in person.

09:40 – Building team culture and breaking down barriers.

10:35 – Less Doing Coaching Program

10:55 – A yearlong program. Go to to apply.

11:16 – The HeroX Project

11:26 – Submit any automation ideas

11:55 – That’s it for today! XXXX – Haymakers for Hope ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: