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Ari Meisel – An Introspective with Guest Host, Mackenzie Sweeney

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Ari Meisel (@arimeisel) is a world-renowned expert in productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, a father of four kids under the age of five, and the founder of Less Doing, More Living. How did Ari create the OAO (Optimize, Automate, Outsource) methodology? Join Mackenzie and Ari as they dive into the mission of Less Doing, Ari’s journey to realizing his revolutionary methodology, biohacking, and the master’s top tips to be the most effective! ”

‘What would you do if you could only work an hour a day?’ Because of the debilitating illness that I had, you could either throw your hands up and just let the tide wash over you or you have to figure out some way to innovate in that situation, and for me it was an entirely new system of productivity.”

Learn about Ari’s history and the challenges he faced that led to the genesis of the Less Doing method. Discover some of Ari’s greatest (and simplest!) hacks that can have a massive impact on your day-to-day life. And find out how being replaceable may be the greatest asset you can have!

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