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# Episode 106

**Summary:** In Episode #106 Ari talks with Benjamin Rubin of the [Change Collective](, a platform specifically designed to help people change themselves by creating new habits and employing technology to their advantage. During the interview, Ari and Ben exchange thoughts on the keys to facilitating change, the strategy behind the Change Collective platform and the real value of _Inbox Zero_.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 25:11 – The introduction of Ben Rubin and his business, the Change Collective

– 26:15 – Ben discusses how he stumbled upon the importance of behavior change

– 27:45 – The types of behavior that Change Collective is looking to change

– 27:56 – Health and Wellness

– 28:09 – Personal Development

– 28:20 – Professional Development

– 28:48 – Emotional self-regulation is a behavior Ben continues to struggle with and work on

– 29:35 – Ben explains how the platform of Change Collective actually works

– 32:12 – Ben lists the five courses currently available on the Change Collective platform

– 33:55 – Ben discusses the courses to be added to the Change Collective platform in the future

– 35:27 – The techniques for staying on the most effective path

– 35:50 – There are generalities, but it’s genuinely entirely dependent on the individual

– 37:00 – Tailoring the right message to be delivered at the right time is the ultimate goal of the Change Collective platform

– 37:55 – The challenge in finding the _balance_ between going too hard and too soft in facilitating change

– 39:39 – The _Captain _versus the _Claw_

– 41:41 – Ben talks about the _timing _behind changing a habit

– 44:03 – Ari asks Ben about the importance of _Inbox Zero_

– 45:28 – Ben identifies the changes that have occurred for him after reaching _Inbox Zero_

– 46:34 – Ari explains why he sees _Inbox Zero _as a keystone habit

– 48:21 – Ben’s Top 3 Personal Tips for Being More Effective

– 48:33 – Meditation

– 49:07 – Weightlifting

– 49:33 – A daily and weekly review system

– 50:30 – [](

**7 Key Points:**

  1. The Change Collective looks to improve upon health & wellness, personal development and professional development
  2. The path to effective change is entirely dependent on the individual
  3. Tailoring the right message to be delivered at the right time is key to facilitating change
  4. When seeking change, strike a balance between the _hard _and the _soft_
  5. _Inbox Zero_ is a keystone habit that _everyone _should prescribe to
  6. Meditation and exercise are key to being more effective
  7. Establishing a daily review system, even a journal, is a great way to track and encourage change

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Calton Nutrition Vitamin Quiz]( – A quiz from Calton Nutrition designed to evaluate strength of your multivitamin

– [Change Collective](https://www.changecollectiv — Send in a voice message: