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Brian Scrone and Jennifer Love – Increasing Financial Intelligence

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[Brian Scrone]( of [Family Board Meetings]( is a seasoned real estate investor and speaker. Brian is passionate about serving others, earning money from it, and also strongly believes in having a balanced lifestyle—giving priority to family and relationships.

[Jennifer Love]( of [One More Woman]( is a CEO, entrepreneur, adviser, speaker and a writer. As a serial entrepreneur, she has more than 17 years of experience working with companies to grow and raise revenue. One of Jennifer’s notable accomplishments is the creation of [NibMor](—a wholesale chocolate company that originated as a kitchen concept. Listen as the four of them talk about their respective fields and what they have to offer for entrepreneurs of any age or gender.

Key Quote “There is a complete congruency gap between what people are telling themselves are their priorities and how they are investing their time.”

What You’ll Learn

  1. [One More Woman] ( helps women scale their business and leverage their power
  2. Brian recommends the board game, [Cashflow](, which helps children learn about finance in a fun way
  3. [Family Board Meetings]( does parent-to-child retreats with a focus on spending quality time with one another, financial intelligence, relationships, communication, and service
  4. What it means to rewrite your money story
  5. Brian shares about his book, _What Matters Most,_ and how it’s his journey through self-love and faith, relationships and learning how to prioritize
  6. Jennifer is running a [Boot Camp]( for women entrepreneurs, anyone who joins gets a treat from QuickBooks
  7. Nick and Ari will be releasing a free project management tool for companies that they can use internally
  8. How to make things sustainable by gamifying it and making it fun
  9. Jennifer’s top three pieces of advice to be more effective:
  10. A morning routine
  11. Get an abundance partner or advisers you can lean on
  12. The double down strategy: making numbers and analyzing data—do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t
  13. Brian’s top three pieces of advice to be more effective:
  14. Get clear in your priorities
  15. An accountability system
  16. Delegate, delegate, delegate

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