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# Episode 211


In Episode #211 Ari welcomes Catherine Lavery, co-creator of the [SELF journal]( – a mindfulness and planning journal with tens of thousands of backers – to the podcast.

Listen as Ari and Catherine talk about goal-setting that works, managing to-do lists and how to achieve the things you want to.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 17:15 – Welcoming Catherine to the show

– 17:30 – The Self Journal – a 13-week goal planner

– 18:20 – A means of breaking down a goal into steps and tracking performance

– 19:00 – Focus on one thing at a time

– 19:40 – Catherine’s own goal-setting

– 20:20 – Taking a huge goal and breaking it down into daily tasks

– 21:50 – How do you choose the right goal for that framework?

– 22:30 – Find an emotional connection to your goal – how will it affect your life?

– 23:30 – The journal: write your goal every day and set targets

– 24:00 – Writing wins at the end of a day

– 24:40 – At the end of the week, reflecting on the goal and progress

– 25:20 – Catherine’s journal page for today

– 27:30 – The importance of checking in, morning and evening

– 28:36 – What’s next? An app?

– 29:00 – Developing products to complement the journal

– 29:50– _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– Ask yourself how each ‘to-do’ relates to getting where you want to be

– Know what’s draining for you and what’s energising

– Look at what you’ve achieved – [](

**Key Points:**

– Work on one goal at a time, and constantly check in with how you’re getting there

– Understand why you want to achieve your goal. What difference will it make in your life? If you don’t have an emotional connection it’s easy to give up.

– Look at what you’ve achieved as well as what’s left to do.

– Goals become achievable when you break them into daily tasks.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [SELF Journal]( – Journal designed by Catherine to help people achieve their goals – [Watch Your Mind For 5 Minutes](

– Mindfulness article from Barking up the Wrong Tree – [People making a living from content sharing]( – [Trim](

– Manage and cancel subscriptions by text – [Recharge]( – Book free hotel rooms by the hour – [Prompt App](

– A bot for everything, controlled via text

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