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_“At this point, I personally am about to hit 7 years…It’s like a 40-minute video at this point… I’ve not forgotten a day of my life since I started.” Cesar Kuriyama, creator of 1 Second Everyday_ In our fast-paced world, it can be hard to keep track of the important moments that happen every day. Time goes by in a blur, months blend into the next, and it’s easy to suddenly find yourself unable to remember what you’ve done with your time.

This can be discouraging and have a negative impact on mood and productivity. Cesar Kuriyama has developed a solution to this problem with the app 1 Second Everyday. This app provides a simple, user-friendly way to create a video journal made up of – you guessed it! – one second from every day of your life. In this episode, Ari and Cesar discuss the app, the amazing benefits it’s providing its users, and how it creates a meaningful way to look back on your life.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to keep a video journal, you don’t want to miss this episode! Do You Struggle With Keeping a Journal? Well, Here’s an Easy Way! The benefits of journaling are well known. The process can improve memory, boost your mood, encourage mindfulness, and increase overall happiness. However, many people don’t know how to keep a journal or struggle to maintain a journaling habit. Hear how 1 Second Everyday makes it easy, fun, and memorable to keep a video journal. Creating Habits for Success Much research has been done on how habits are created and how people can harness the power of habit to improve their daily lives.

This issue created unique challenges for Cesar and his team throughout the development of the app. In this episode, Ari and Cesar discuss the complex science of habit and how Cesar’s ultimate goal is to help people live a better life by installing positive habits. An App for Greater Effectiveness Studies are currently being done on the impacts of 1 Second Everyday on its users. Initial results and personal stories reveal a significant effect on the happiness, well-being, and effectiveness of the people using this app. Hear Cesar share these stories as well as his top three tips for being more effective. Outline of the Show:

[0:28] – Ari opens the show and introduces his guest, Cesar Kuriyama.

[0:57] – Cesar explains the inspiration behind the app.

[6:30] – Cesar shares his personal experience with using the app as a journal to remember the meaningful moments from his days.

[7:38] – Deciding what moment to use can be stressful for some people. Cesar offers some advice.

[10:10] – Cesar explains some of the features and how it works.

[12:44] – The science of habit-forming impacts the development of 1 Second Everyday. Research is being done on the effects of the app on its users.

[16:18] – Cesar explains how he chooses his second.

[17:45] – There are many exciting new updates being released between now and the new year.

[20:20] – 1 Second Everyday is helping people to install better habits in their lives.

[22:00] – Cesar shares his top three tips to be more effective to include the benefits of trusting your gut, the value of reading and research, and how to make a distributed team function well.

[26:03] – Cesar talks about new updates to the iOS version of the app versus the Android app and shares information on some great new features.

[28:58] – Ari closes the show. Resources: [1 Second Everyday]( 1 Second Everyday on [iOS]( 1 Second Everyday for [Andriod]( If you enjoyed this episode of the Less Doing podcast and want even more tips for improving your productivity, join our community on [Slack]( or [Facebook]( — Send in a voice message: