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# Episode 109 **Summary:** In Episode #109, Ari shares the Less Doing podcast with _Master_outsourcer [Chris Ducker]( of_[The New Business Podcast]( During their conversation, these two outsourcing gurus share their respective histories, commonly held beliefs and fun anecdotes about some of their strangest encounters with the world of outsourcing.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 21:55 – Introduction of Chris Ducker of _The New Business Podcast_

– 22:28 – Chris has been inside the outsourcing industry for so long he can’t actually remember the first thing he ever outsourced

– 23:30 – Chris still runs a 300 person call center in the Philippines in conjunction with everything else he does

– 24:00 – Ari recalls his _first_ outsourcing experience

– 24:30 – Time consuming, repetitive, low-level tasks that are the _foundation_ of outsourcing

– 26:29 – Is there a geographic shift or pattern for outsourcing?

– 27:28 – Reference to _The 4-hour Work Week_ by Tim Ferris

– 27:50 –[](

– 28:20 – Eastern Europe is the current hotbed for developers

– 30:00 – Hire and work with a virtual assistant _at least once_

– 30:40 – _Three Lists to Freedom_

– 31:20 – Always hire for the _role _not for the one, specific task

– 32:05 – Time is the_most valuable commodity_ as an entrepreneur

– 32:25 – The definition of _success _is NOT “working your ass off”

– 33:00 – Can you_afford _not to find the time to train someone else to do your outsource-able tasks?

– 34:27 – 95% of the things you do on a daily basis can be done by other people or other things – It’s the5% that makes you unique

– 34:55 – Chris defines the some of the more _unusual_things he’s outsourced

– 39:45 – The outsourcing of legal work

– 40:33 – Accept that the outsourced employee does not have to be in the same office, let alone the same country

– 42:00 – Businesses are finally starting to realize they are _not_bound by geographical limitations

– 42:40 – There’s less and less that requires a human…automation is booming and will only continue to grow

– 43:50 – Chris reflects on the notion of a 4-hour work week and then describes his normal work week

– 47:07 – 95% of the time Chris works from home

– 47:24 – Chris only works Monday through Thursday, 20 hours a week total; but it WAS NOT always like that

– 48:25 – Up until 2009, Chris was the typical stressed out, overworked 96 hour a week entrepreneur

– 49:10 – The ultimate goal is to start working _on_ your business rather than working _in_it

– 49:40 – Chris’ Top 3 Tips for Bei — Send in a voice message: