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# Episode 108 **Summary:** In Episode #108 Ari sits down with [Chris Kelly]( of [NourishBalanceThrive](, a digitally-based consulting firm with the end-goal of improving personal well-being by integrating the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions. During their conversation, Ari and Chris discuss the origins of NourishBalanceThrive, functional versus dysfunctional medicine and advantages of personal medical testing.

**Sponsored By:** Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 23:41 – The introduction of Chris Kelly, the founder of _Nourish, Balance, Thrive_

– 24:15 – Chris shares some background on his story, particularly his health issues

– 26:57 – The Auto-Immune Protocol

– 28:38 – Genetics were not the sole cause of Chris’ condition

– 29:00 – Implementing dietary changes helped Chris dramatically improve his mental clarity

– 29:30 – Functional medicine versus dysfunctional medicine

– 32:40 – Specialists in the medical field _can be _totally uninformed as to the real solution to physical problems

– 34:15 – Other than the Auto-Immune Protocol, what are the some additional methodologies used by Chris?

– 34:55 – Adequate sleep

– 35:00 – Stress reduction

– 37:20 – Exercise

– 35:18 – Adrenal stress profile and the significance of high cortisol levels

– 36:35 – Cortisol defines circadian rhythm…when you can’t fall asleep, you are experiencing a corisol spike

– 38:00 – There is only one physiological response to stress and that is to put “_long-term building projects_” (immunity, fertility, digestion) on hold

– 40:12 – The cool thing about lab testing according to Chris

– 40:56 – Organic acid testing

– 42:45 – The common supplements that people are most frequently deficient in

– 44:23 – The majority of Chris’ clients are digital

– 45:58 – What information is typically garnered from stool testing?

– 48:00 – _What are your Top 3 Personal Tips to be More Effective?_

– 48:20 – Listen to the Less Doing Podcast

– 49:05 – Break the big problem down into steps; create a pseudo code to solve problems

– 49:44 – Take time to implement improvement strategies (guided meditation, better diet, exercise, etc.)

– 50:25 – Everybody has stress and there is _no way to avoid it_

– 51:10 – Understand that more is not _more _when it comes to exercise

– 51:30 – Only do cardio in forms where you _love _it, don’t just do it to do it.

– 51:40 – – 50% discount for anyone using the code: _lessdoing_

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Diet and environment can dramatically impact performance; don’t give up on self-improvement because of poor genetics
  2. The Auto-Immune Protocol is an extremely beneficial dietary methodology for lifestyle enhancement
  3. Obtaining adequate sleep, appropriate exercise and the _right kind _of exercise is essential to achieving mental clarity
  4. Cortisol _defines _the circadian rhythm
  5. There is only one physiological response to stress and that is to put “_long-term building projects_” (immunity, fertility, digestion) on-hold
  6. Break big problems into steps (pseudo-code) in order to better find resolutions
  7. More is not necessarily better when it comes to exercise, particularly regarding cardio

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