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Clint Arthur – The Easiest Way to Raise Status is with Celebrity

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In Episode #209 Ari welcomes Clint Arthur, the CEO of Statusfactory and author of ‘Performance’.

Listen as Clint and Ari discuss the importance of status for entrepreneurs, how to manufacture celebrity, and why being more entertaining is the best business strategy.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 14:20 – Introduction of Clint Arthur

– 14:38 – What is [Statusfactory](

– 14:59 – To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to be perceived as high status

– 15:22 – The easiest way to raise status is with celebrity

– 16:05 – Raising status with speaking engagements

– 17:15 – Clint’s background

– 17:50 – Meeting Donald Trump

– 18:10 – Using celebrity as a tool to appear to be a thought leader

– 18:40 – How do you sell a book? Get on TV

– 19:40 – Start with tiny cities and work your way up

– 21:50 – Booking his own publicity

– 22:40 – Appearing on the Today show

– 23:04 – You can work up to big markets, as long as you have the right formula

– 23:50 – Clint’s pitch email for his appearance was the best one ever sent to Less Doing

– 24:14 – [‘Performance’](

– 25:20 – The skills that help you on TV, webseries, and presentations

– 26:03 – ‘Performance’ is about how to be entertaining in everything you do

– 41:36– _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– Realize that you need to be in showbiz

– Talk louder: it conveys energy – Choose a costume that sends the right message – [](

**3 Key Points:**

– The best way to be trusted is to be perceived as high status.

– If you want to be famous, start with small appearances and work your way up.

– If you’re in business, be in show business. Always be performing.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [The Jolly Roger Telephone Company]( An entertaining system for dealing with telemarketers.

– [Medical Daily]( A study correlating grip strength to self-control – [Alton Brown]( The science of cooking a perfect steak

– [Good Morning Mantras](

– [Will Automation Make Your Job Redundant?]( The jobs most likely to be taken over by robots

– [Scout]( A service that allows you to send custom postcards

– [Buy Me Once]( Products that last a lifetime – [HDP Health]( Service that provides summaries of medical research papers

– [Law Trades]( The on-demand legal service is now based on Slack

– [Class Pass]( Pay a monthly fee for unlimited studio classes in your area

– [Get Croissant]( Pay a monthly fee for up to 40 hours at multiple co-working spaces

– [Calvin]( Seriously effective scheduling app

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