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# Episode 139


In Episode #139 Ari speaks with [Dan Havey](, the CEO and Founder of Easy Checklist ABC. During the conversation, Dan and Ari talk about processes, checklists and how the proper implementation of both can lead to a lifetime of tangible success.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 15:38 – Introduction of Dan Havey

– 15:52 – Dan explicitly defines what Easy Checklist ABC is

– 16:20 – When Dan created Checklist ABC, he was trying to bring the effectiveness of checklists into the Accounting space…specifically improve upon the native software that the industry has used for YEARS

– 19:40 – Though individual accounting firms have individual needs, there are pre-existing templates and requirements that EVERY accounting firm has to deal with—Checklist ABC provides a reliant, consistent way to do the unique or universal

– 21:10 – Processes and checklists are _awesome_, but most people don’t even realize the steps required

– 21:40 – How Dan looks at systems and processes

– 22:00 – You could create a checklist for something as simple as a cup of coffee…_seriously_

– 22:47 – The best approach for any process or checklist is to START SOMEWHERE

– 23:20 – Discipline is the key to success

– 23:39 – Mimic successful people or organizations—They are ALWAYS process driven

– 24:50 – Granularity is GOOD…it helps us identify where efficiency is needed.

– 27:30 – When people have to make a decision in REAL time—unwanted stress is the end result

– 31:00 – Applying Easy Checklist ABC to Dan’s personal life

– 31:25 – Easy Checklist ABC isn’t trying to be an anything for everyone solution…it is best suited for small businesses and small business accounting firms at that

– 33:20 – Dan’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_:

– 33:35 – Plan and visualize (2 in 1)

– 34:45 – Only dedicate a specific amount of time to complete something

– 35:55 –

**7 Key Points:* —

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