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Dan Sullivan – Getting Focused

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[Dan Sullivan]( Dan Sullivan is the founder and President of The Strategic Coach Inc. He is entrepreneurial coach, speaker, consultant, and highly sought after strategist.

He is also the creator of the [Strategic Coach Program]( and has written several books such as [_The Great Crossover_]( and [_The 21st Century Agent_](

Learn more about Dan and his thoughts regarding start-ups, keeping clients, marketing, biotechnology and so much more.

Key Quote “There is a real difference between entrepreneurs – those who are successful as they need to be and those who are successful as they want to be—and there is a huge difference between needing to be successful and wanting to be successful.”

What You’ll Learn

1. How Dan Sullivan started his coaching business and what he considers to be the three-staged disruption in the old model that has paved the way for his business

2. The importance of doing a “no receivables” business

3. Why Dan’s coaching program is not suitable for start-ups

4. Three things that Dan does well

5. What entrepreneurs are doing wrong and how to avoid it

6. Tips regarding work ethic and finding and retaining clients

7. The difference between the “needing” entrepreneurs and “wanting” entrepreneurs

8. The importance of having free days for yourself and your business

9. Where Dan gets his ideas and why it is okay to NOT remember every idea you get

10. How Dan feels about being 70 and his plans for the next 25 years

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