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In Episode #189 Ari interviews Daniel Vitalis of [SurThrival](, a company that specializes in blending and supplying _quality_ natural supplements for an increasingly unnatural world.

Listen as Ari and Daniel talk Elk Antler Spray, Pine Pollen, and hardcore nutritional history.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 0:43- Introduction of [JustWorks]( and Isaac Oats o

– 0:49- Just works helps small/medium business become compliant with payroll benefits o

– 1:08- Entrepreneurs spend too much time filling out paper work

– 28:15- Introduction: Daniel Vitalis the founder of [SurThrival](

– 27:41- Daniel has been obsessed with the ancient past since childhood

– 28:07- What would you do without influence from others?

– 28:43- The term ‘Rewilding’ was coined by Daniel and has since been made into an extensive product line o

– 29:06- Rewilding suggest that the domestic destruction we have created as a culture is reversible o

– 29:38- We often fight our wild side—we must realign ourselves with our human biology

– 30:16- The four elements, earth, water, air, and fire represent our interaction with the community of life on this planet

– 30:38- The Office removes all four natural elements from our environment with processing o

– 31:27- This isolated indoor environment does not foster life

– 31:55- Humans need to reincorporate natural things into life like healthy foods from farms and natural sunlight, air, water

– 32:29- We often get in our own way and prevent reconnection with nature

– 33:37- Is there a balance between urban and natural life?

– 34:04- Find what works for you o

– 34:56- Often people are too connected to their office environment and forget to reconnect with the natural environment we came from

– 35:36- Elk Antler Velvet supplement o

– 36:10- Everything at SurThrival is a crude food (unprocessed) o

– 36:53- Buck antlers grow at 2 inches per day, they eventually fall of an regrow year after year o

– 37:34- The rapid grown of antlers requires a lot of strong minerals and vitamins o

– 38:31- Elk Antler Velvet is administered through a dropper and puts about 24 different growth factors into the body

– 42:04 – Pine Pollen supplement o

– 42:13 – During pollen season, pine trees drop their sperm which is identical to testosterone in the human body o

– 43:10 – This type of testosterone is good for humans because it is a whole food o

– 44:03 – Pine Pollen is great for older men and women

– 45:13 – Daniel tries to emulate natural people when creating his diet o

– 45:23- The healthiest diet ever is the hunter-gatherer diet o

– 45:29- Modern diets are based on agriculture and are often lower in nutrition o

– 47:14- A low calorie, high nutrient diet lengthens lifespans

– 49:39- Intermittent fasting? o

– 49:51- It is naturally good to feel some feast and famine o

– 51:04 – Domestication creates an environment where nothing changes, but really we should live cyclically where everything changes all the time

– 54:20- Daniel’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_: o

– 54:26- You have instincts that deserve to be listened to o

– 55:09- Constantly adapt o

– 55:52- Don’t become ultra-effective only to lose your health later in life

3 Key Points:

1. Adapt or die—seriously.

2. Don’t limit or restrict your inner-wilderness just because society has become overly-domesticated.

3. If you’ve never had an opportunity to try a hunter-gather diet—try it.

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