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Dave Will – The Invaluable Role of Company Culture

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Dave Will is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and the founder of two fantastic companies—Peach New Media and Prop Fuel. In his interview with Nick, listen to Dave share his motivation behind the founding of Prop Fuel, and why culture cannot be overlooked as a key value. Dave will also talk about what it means to motivate employees, and how he recommends aspiring entrepreneurs go about creating an ideal working environment. And if anyone wants to be a beta tester for Prop Fuel…be sure to listen till the end of the episode!

Key Quote “Creating culture is one of the key pillars in creating a successful company. It cannot be overstated in importance.”

What You’ll Learn

1. The importance of knowing what motivates people and how that knowledge automatically helps the leader of a company.

2. What the Taxi Cab paradox is.

3. Why you should recognize and appreciate your employees at all times.

4. Dave shares a good

( about what motivates people.

5. Creating your company’s Vision, Mission and Values.

6. Dave shares Simon Sinek’s [Ted Talk]( about creating purpose for employees.

7. The motivation behind Prop Fuel and the influence of [Yvon Chouinard](

8. What monk and Hindu priest [Dandapani]( told Dave about focus.

9. The top three pieces of advice Dave has to be more effective.

10. Connect with [Dave]( if you want to be a beta tester of Prop Fuel.

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