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# Episode 98 **Summary:** In Episode #98, Ari speaks at length with David Allen the creator of_Getting Things Done_, a time-management method crafted to help people maximize their personal and work-life performance. As they chat, David reveals how he manages everything from interruptions to his email inbox in an effort to keep his mind clear and stay ahead of the curve.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 19:12 – Introduction to David Allen

– 19:39 – What IS _Getting Things Done_?

– 20:39 – Creating the external brain

– 21:00 – Why is productivity difficult to obtain?

– 21:35 – The biggest obstacle is propensity for stress-addiction in the population

– 22:57 – David defines how the external mind works for him

– 23:53 – “_Your head is for **having** ideas, not **holding** them_”

– 26:03 – Two different parts of the brain evaluate the _outcome _and the _action_ to get there

– 28:49 – The importance of associating timing with certain tasks

– 31:00 – Context specific lists

– 33:52 – How David flips the switch and gets into “creativity mode”

– 34:50 – “_Passion is highly overrated_”

– 35:30 – Is there any concern about dehumanizing work?

– 39:32 – Embrace “inbox-zero”

– 42:35 – Review, scan and purge whether it’s paper or digital

– 43:25 – AquaNotes: A waterproof notepad Ari utilizes in the shower

– 47:20 – Reflection and review time is the most lacking and the most needed thing people should build in

– 48:35 – “_There are no interruptions, there are only mismanaged inputs_”

– 50:40 – Respond to every email within 24-48 hours, be responsive

– 54:54 – David’s take on outsourcing

– 60:14 – The principles of _Getting Things Done_ can be applied to all enterprises of life

– 62:55 – Breaking things down into “next steps” allows for successive action and, ultimately, accomplishment

– 66:30 – _The last responsible moment_

– 68:52 – The _outcome_: what happens when it’s not clear or it changes?

– 69:51 – “_There are no problems, there are only projects_”

– 72:10 – Interruptions are not _inherently_ a negative

**7 Key Points:**

1. Creating an external brain is no longer an option, it is a necessity

2. Stress-addiction is a limiting disease

3. “_Your head is for **having** ideas, not **holding** them_”

4. “_Passion is highly overrated_”

5. Embrace “inbox-zero” whether it’s digital or off-line

6. “_There are no interruptions, there are only mismanaged inputs_”

7. “_There are no problems, there are only projects_”

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Getting Things Done]( – The brain child of _Getting Things Done_

– [WittyParrot]( – A cloud based SaaS business focused on enabling communication and collaboration

– [Shortcut]( – A new app for on-demand haircuts

– [Bulletproof Coffee Warning]( – An article discussing three potential health risks with Bulletproof Coffee

– [Smappee]( – A new tool designed to help people measure home energy consumption and production

– [Homeboy]( – A wifi-enabled home security tool

– [Darma]( – A smart cushion designed to monitor posture, sitting habits and stress levels ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: