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In Episode #184 Ari interviews Doran Aldana, the founder of [My Testimonial Engine](, a service that automatically collects testimonials from your customers and shares them on your social media channels.

Listen as Ari and Doran talk about everything from entrepreneurial roots in College Pro Painters to the importance of trust and endorsements in facilitating professional success.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 13:43 – Introduction of Doran Aldana – Founder of [My Testimonial Engine](

– 14:04 – Doran talks about his background

– 15:00 – Pivoting to life coaching

– 15:50 – The mortgage marketing coach

– 16:04 – Founding Testimonial engine

– 16:19 – Trust is the prerequisite to EVERY sale

– 16:31 – Borrowed endorsement is the catalyst for success

– 17:03 – College Pro Painters as a proving ground

– 17:58 – Don’t fly by the seat of your pants—get a system and get a mentor if you want to launch an entrepreneurial career

– 18:45 – Why are people so afraid to ask for testimonials?

– 19:12 – SYSTEM = Save YourSelf Time Energy Money & Stress

– 22:00 – Long story short, simplicity is KEY for obtaining testimonials

– 24:18 – The older, higher affluent clients are those that are hardest to obtain testimonials from

– 26:26 – Transform breakdowns into breakthrough for your clients

– 26:48 – The types of testimonials that are more effective than others?—Prior Problem. Solution. Result.

– 27:40 – The PSR formula is not without limitations

– 28:34 – Don’t be afraid to write the testimonial for a client and just ask them to sign off on it

– 29:07 – Doren’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– 29:40 – Identify a meaningful goal that you want to accomplish and why it’s important

– 30:07 – Create a plan

– 30:30 – Find a winning formula—borrow it if you need to—and then never quit

– 33:42 –

**5 Key Points:**

1. Winners never quit and quitters never win—it’s a cliché but it’s true.

2. Trust is the prerequisite for every sale.

3. Never ever underestimate the importance of planning—do not fly by the seat of your pants.

4. Find a mentor and hold on to them.

5. Simplicity is the key to getting a good testimonial.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Word’s Best Travel Jacket](

– A Kickstarter for the world’s most intelligent and optimized travel jacket – [Unified Weapons Master](

– High-tech, martial arts body armor for use with REAL weapons – [](

– Inforgraphics featuring intelligent, easy to use templates – [Inbox Vudu](

– Sits on top of your email and automatically pulls up emails with an action item, creates a summary, etc. – [Moo-Q](

– Intelligent Mood Tracking – [List Your eBook](

– A active database that can be used to promote eBooks for free or at a discount – [Slack as the Ultimate Tool for a Community]( — Send in a voice message: