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Doug Barber: The Minaal Backpack

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Doug Barber is the co-founder of [Minaal](, one of, if not, the best traveling bag in the world. Doug is a full-time traveler and wanted a bag that catered to his needs. Tune in as he and Ari go through the genesis of Minaal, Doug’s astounding [Kickstarter]

( campaign, and the meaning behind the name “Minaal!” _”I woke up at about four in the morning after a few weeks of mulling it over and not really coming up with anything good. And ‘Minaal’ popped in to my head, and I registered the dot com and went back to sleep after that…we discovered it is a word already…it was the made up word that wasn’t.”

Get to know Doug as Ari dives into the process Doug went through to prototype, manufacture, and market the bag. Learn Doug’s “Why?” and what being a traveler means to him. And hear Doug’s tips on how to be a more effective traveler.

**Quickie:** – Doug and Jimmy, the founders of Minaal, met and bonded while living in a van with 3 other people, eventually circumnavigating North America on a 17,000 mile, 52-day road trip. – They wanted Minaal to go against standard forms of production and put emphasis on the user instead of producing dozens of models to satisfy sales targets and quotas. – Doug and Jimmy ran a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $560,000 — 56 times more than they hoped to raise. – What are the best ways to travel? – How to minimize jet lag.

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