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# Episode 124


In Episode #124 Ari sits down with Dr. Andrew Hill, the Lead Neuroscientist at [truBrain]( During their conversation, Ari and Dr. Hill discuss the secrets behind nootropics at-length, including what makes them “go” and why they’re _so_ effective when it comes to helping people maximize their mind.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 31:15 – Introduction of Dr. Andrew Hill, Lead Neuroscientist at [truBrain](

– 31:32 – What inspired Dr. Hill’s passion for nootropics

– 33:40 – How Dr. Hill joined truBrain

– 34:10 – Debunking some of the _Limitless_ myths surrounding nootropics

– 35:25 – Nootropics don’t give users a “high” but they do allow people to stay focused for longer periods of time

– 36:10 – The numbers behind truBrain

– 41:00 – Nootropics are not habit-forming; they do not produce tolerance, addiction, etc.

– 41:55 – [_Nootropics_] _won’t turn an idiot into a genius, but if that information is somewhere inside you they may help get it out._

– 42:40 – Verbal fluency and nootropics

– 43:40 – L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that produces a calming effect

– 44:48 – Even in the absence of tobacco, nicotine is still slightly carcinogenic

– 45:28 – The ingredients within truBrain

– 45:40 – The “-racetam Family”; chemicals synthesized from chemistry of [GABA](

– 47:50 – [Piracetam]( has a _dramatic _effect on cell membrane flexibility

– *49:24 – [Oxiracetam](

– *50:56 – _The –racetam combined with a choline source is the 1-2 punch in truBrain_

– 49:00 – When choosing cognitive enhancers, choose things that have been around for a long time or use ingredients that are well established as “safe”

– 52:10 – Those with a history of stimulant abuse likely have a damaged dopamine system

– 54:12 – truBrain comes in a monthly pack and Dr. Hill recommends taking them _every_ day

– 55:05 – Dr. Hill’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_

– 55:12 – Performance has bottlenecks, stress being the most finicky

– 56:26 – Shift happens—The brain is an elastic, pattern-matching machine

– 57:50 – _SLEEP­—_The easiest way to “hack” your brain is to wake up at the same time every day

– 59:17 – tr — Send in a voice message: