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Dr. Anthony Beck – “We Don’t Treat Diseases, We Support Systems”

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In Episode #221 Ari and Nick share an interview with [Dr. Anthony Beck]( – an expert on functional medicine and wellness who helps people to optimize the way _their_ body works.

Tune in to hear exactly why the latest health fad didn’t work for you, the 6 input factors that affect your health, and why light and love might help you to optimize your body for Iron Man.

Time-stamped Show Notes

– 13:26 – Welcoming Dr. Anthony Beck to the show

– 14:03 – Anthony works in functional medicine – a branch of medicine that looks at the whole body and its interconnections

– 15:15 – A functional medicine approach supports the body’s own systems instead of treating symptoms

– 16:43 – “We don’t treat diseases, we support systems”

– 17:30 – What are the indicators to look for?

– 18:40 – “You can’t expect to get well in the same environment you got sick”

– 18:48 – Anthony looks 6 factors: food, water, air, light, sound, EMF

– 20:45 – Focus on how you’re functioning

– 21:50 – All consulting is done remotely

– 22:50 – Consultations are offered online and sample kits are delivered to patients

– 24:40 – You don’t just need to focus on data – focus on learning a patient’s story

– 26:50 – “You don’t hear the bad stuff”

– 28:24 – Anthony’s background is in sports medicine

– 30:31 – Everybody’s body is different – everybody’s system is different.

– 31:25 – People produce energy from different sorts of food – some people need carbs, some people need fats, depending on how fast they oxidize input

– 34:32 – “You can get advice from anyone…you can only get expertise from certain people”

– 35:05 – Anthony charges $885 for a first consultation

– 37:54 – Sleep – Anthony gets 9 hours of sleep a night

– 40:04 – “No one is static – the seasons are going to change how your body is fueled”

– 42:14 – “Food is fuel and it’s information”

– 42:45 – It takes a lot of energy to turn food into you – those things become us

– 44:20 – There is no one-size-fits-all solution – all the possible solutions work differently for different people

– 46:00 – Search to find what works for you

– 46:21 – _Top 3 Tips For Being More Effective_ – Get in the sunshine – we’re beings of light – Eat a varied diet of single-source foods – Love – Get your mind and emotions in order

– 47:15 – Find out more about Anthony at his [website]( Key Points: – Get in the sunshine. Ground yourself. – Everyone’s body has its own story – don’t expect solutions to work equally for different people – We aren’t static. What used to keep you healthy might not work anymore.

– The body’s systems are all connected. To be well, you need to support all of your body’s systems Resources Mentioned:

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