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**Summary:** In Episode

#174 Ari speaks with Edan Harari of [Kinetic Massage](, a new style of tissue therapy focusing on embracing problems rather than going to war against them. Listen as Ari and Edan talk about innovative healing techniques, outside-the-box health concepts and the story of Ortho-Bionomy.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 08:23 – Introduction of Edan Harari of [Kinetic Massage](

– 08:49 – Edan explains how he got into [Ortho-Bionomy](

– 12:20 – Ari attests to the results of Ortho-Bionomy

– 12:55 – How Ortho-Bionomy works—painless and permanent knot relief in 5 seconds

– 14:18 – It’s all about realigning structure—when the body is put into a position of comfort and ease, it allows the muscles and joints to let go of tension

– 15:35 – Think of muscle knots as “nerve knots” rather than muscle knots—it’s about getting the nerves to relax, that’s the secret

– 16:00 – Ortho-Bionomy is about homeopathic healing where less is really more

– 16:18 – The body knows what it needs to do, it just needs to get out of its own way

– 16:55 – Ortho-Bionomists are facilitators, not healers

– 19:14 – If you’re traumatizing your body, it’s going to protect itself—when it does, it contracts, tightens and braces

– 20:09 – Work WITH the body instead of against it—otherwise you’ll never heal

– 21:25 – When it comes to self-care, use all the tools in your tool kit

– 23:22 – The limitations of Ortho-Bionomy

– 24:00 – Ortho-Bionomy isn’t protocol-based, it’s principle-based

– 24:55 – Find a language of likes rather than a language of opposites

– 25:44 – Embrace self-corrective mechanisms

– 25:57 – Edan’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 26:04 – Move more—literally

– 26:30 – Remember to keep your tissues supple and flexible

– 27:59 – Regularly ask yourself strategic questions

– 29:04 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Knots aren’t really in the muscle—they’re in the nerve.

2. Your body is intelligent—it knows what it needs to do—help it get out of its own way.

3. Focus on realigning the body.

4. Keep your mind and body supple.

5. Correct problems by embracing the problem—it seems counterintuitive but sometimes it’s the easiest way.

**Resources Mentioned:**

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– From the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, survey results shedding light on how the average American spends his or her day

– [Text Awesome](

– Text-based, on-demand virtual assistant services

– [7 Things You Gain By Letting Go]

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