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Eelco DeBoer – Serial Entrepreneur

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# Summary: In Episode

#167 Ari speaks with [Eelco DeBoer](, a Dutch serial entrepreneur who got his start in online business selling hip-hop CDs and other wares over eBay. Since then, Eelco has grown into one of Holland’s most prolific digital businessman, with no less than six different companies to his name.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 29:00 – Introduction of internet entrepreneur [Eelco DeBoer](

– 29:30 – Eelco defines his business background—it all started with hip hop records

– 31:38 – For five years, Eelco sold thousands and thousands of products on Ebay and other online platforms to make money

– 32:18 – Information products slowly became Eelco’s bread and butter

– 33:33 – Strategy wasn’t a part of Eelco’s development—in some sense, success just fell out of the sky based on what Eelco needed and enjoyed doing

– 34:10 – Eelco labored furiously to educate his customers so they would buy from him

– 35:30 – The main resource Eelco used to build his business?—pure luck

– 36:45 – Europe still struggles with accepting Entrepreneurship

– 38:45 – Why Eelco focuses his operations on Holland as opposed to the globe

– 40:50 – The absence of a business model can provide a certain level of freedom and flexibility that’s empowering

– 42:50 – Exciting marketing tools and technologies on the horizon

– 43:20 – The great thing about Facebook is – in a short amount of time – you can reach large volumes of your ideal audience

– 44:30 – Forget investing in real estate, invest in virtual real estate

– 45:20 – Bridging the gap between followers and buyers

– 46:10 – Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea

– 46:25 – Business is two things—sowing and reaping—most people are only good at one or the other

– 48:06 – Eelco’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 48:14 – Switch off the internet

– 49:29 – Give away your password to your Facebook account to someone you trust

– 50:50 – Exercise and outsource your discipline

– 52:05 – [Eel.Co](

**7 Key Points:**

1. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones.

2. Like it or not, luck will play some role in your success.

3. Invest in virtual real estate.

4. To create a winning business, you don’t necessarily need a business model.

5. Follow your passion and it will lead you places you never thought possible.

6. Social media marketing is shockingly under-utilized.

7. Business is two things: reaping and sowing.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [The Annoyance of the Unread]( – An Atlantic article using science to explain why unread emails are so annoying – [Right Signature]( – Quick and easy digital document signing – []( – Same idea as Bump-Sale—every time someone buys your product, the

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