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Emily LaRusch – Getting Calls

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[Emily LaRusch]( is the founder and CEO of [Back Office Betties](, a virtual receptionist company for small business owners. Before creating Back Office Betties, Emily worked at JP Morgan Chase, Quicken Loans and Wells Fargo. Discover why Nick prefers Emily’s company before others who provide the same service. Emily also shares how the business works, the tools and software that run their ship and how Emily secures her best hires.

**What You’ll Learn**

  1. What Back Office Betties offers as a virtual receptionist company for small business owners
  2. How Back Office Betties creates tools using [ProProfs]( for their team
  3. How Emily’s team utilizes [Zoho]( for all their needs
  4. The software that Emily uses to streamline their processes
  5. The price of using Emily’s services (average cost of the service is $260 a month)
  6. The total number of employees of Back Office Betties is 13 and all are working from home
  7. Where Emily hires her employees (ex. [Flex Jobs](
  8. The hiring process for Emily: 1. includes ads, phone interviews and a live process test
  9. How Back Office Betties takes calls and is capable of doing warm sales
  10. Their current number of clients – Make sure you subscribe, rate and review our podcast and then send a screenshot of the review to us and you could win access to an elite pool of entrepreneurs and productivity experts through Leverage Labs!

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