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# Episode 181

**Summary:** In Episode #181 Ari – fresh off his trip to the ER – interviews Eric Glyman of [Paribus](, a company wholly dedicated to helping online consumers save money in the most simple, straightforward way possible.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 06:01 – Introduction of Eric Glyman

– 06:15 – Eric defines Paribus

– 08:00 – Businesses take advantage of the “we have your back” psychology, but do the absolute minimum to enforce it

– 09:40 – Paribus needs to deal with a HUGE amount of data

– 10:26 – Design a business that is always in the best interests of the consumer

– 11:15 – One of the challenges of Paribus, prices change incredibly fast—for example, Amazon changes 80 million prices per day

– 12:50 – Paribus is now working to take advantage of mass buying and mass discounts

– 13:20 — Never stray from fighting for consumers

– 13:40 – The Paribus team is constructed in a lean, startup way

15:03 – Paribus is based out of Williamsburg, NY and Menlo Park, CA

– 15:30 – Dealing with stores that Paribus is _not _connected with

– 16:15 – Paribus plans to add stores based on customer input and total store sales

– 17:25 – Eric’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 17:43 – Don’t start going to work right away—have a plan

– 19:00 – Don’t be shy about telling people what you’re working on

– 20:20 – The base status of a startup now is that “nobody cares”—you need to _push_ people

– 20:54 – [Paribus.Co](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Don’t trust retailers just because “they have your back” on paper.

2. Don’t keep your project to yourself, share it with the world.

3. Get comfortable pushing people—it’s the only way to get what you want.

4. People don’t care about startups anymore, so being aggressive and committed is key.

5. Always keep the consumers best interests at heart and your business will thrive.

**Resources Mentioned:**

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– Audio Engineering provided by [Chris Mottram](

– Original Music provided by [Felix Bird](

– Show Notes provided by [Mike Rossi](

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