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Eric Paskin – “You have to change the way you think, and the way you feel.”

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### Summary: In Episode #226 Ari and Nick welcome [Eric Paskin](, an accomplished entrepreneur and family man to the Less Doing Podcast.

Eric started in the addiction recovery industry doing marketing, and he now owns Restore Health and Wellness Center in L.A. Listen as Ari and Eric discuss Eric’s treatment center, his own journey with addiction, and his experience working with people who want to combat their addiction to substances.

### Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 08:00 – Introduction of Eric Paskin

– 08:10 – He started as an employee at a treatment center and later started his own consulting business, and finally a treatment center.

– 08:50 – An effective recovery program

– 09:30 – Eric’s center is evidence based

– 10:00 – Eric: “You have to change the way you think and the way you feel.”

– 11:15 – Alcoholics Anonymous, a support group, is not the same as treatment

– 12:35 – Eric: “Recovery is a personal journey.”

– 13:05 – Eric also works in intervention

– 13:40 – He doesn’t look it at a sales technique, but an opportunity for better health.

– 14:40 – Create an environment that is desirable for addicts to heal people.

– 15:30 – It’s important to catch people in the window of opportunity and get them to the center right away.

– 16:35 – Although it’s difficult to see people in the throes of addiction, Eric finds his work extremely rewarding.

– 18:35 – Relapses can’t be predicted.

– 19:15 – Eric talks about his own relapses with alcohol

– 20:30 – The family is an important part of the healing process. The patient and family need each other.

– 21:55 – Intervention as seen on TV is one specific model, but for Eric his model has been better and less confrontational

– 23:00 – Eric’s model is less of a surprise, and the person is not as defensive.

– 24:20 – Eric believes the more time you spend in treatment, the greater chance you have to remain abstinent.

– 25:50 – He recommends that minimum treatment is 90 days

– 26:30 – “It’s always a revolutionary process.” –Eric Paskin

– 27:45 – Eric sees a lot of drug and alcohol abuse

– 28:10 – Many people are Opium dependent

– 31:00 – Ari discusses a show on Amazon and its representation of addiction

– 33:45 – A positive support system’s role in addiction

– 36:30 – Eric has been sober for nine years, as a result of long-term recovery and consequential thinking

– 38:45 – Even though every person is different, Eric believes addicts who successfully defeat addiction genuinely do not want to relapse.

– 39:45 – It took Eric three years to feel that way.

– 40:50 – The relationship between addiction and the need for instant gratification

– 42:00 – Too often patients don’t stay in treatment long enough to see improvement

– 42:45 – Discussing the measured reintroduction of drugs and alcohol POST-recovery

– 44:30 – “The more open you can be about it, the better you can protect yourself from a relapse.” –Eric Paskin

– 45:00 – Eric can manage his work and his family with different strategies

– 45:35 – Prioritizing what’s important

– 46:40 – Delegating professional responsibility

– 48:40 – _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_ – Identify what you want in life and what you hope to achieve – Identify what you’re not good at – Enjoy your life

– 51:15 – []( is one resource for addiction, or call 888-519-1570

### Resources Mentioned: – [Upcall]( An affordable source to implement a calling campaign – [Readyman]( Completely flat survival tools – [How Much Per Day?]( A guide for a minimum amount of exercise to be healthy

– []( : Preview of a video by Ari and Nick on outsourcing – Text DOLESS to 33733 to sign up for the Less Doing Newsletter

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