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# Episode 127


In Episode #127 Ari speaks with Evan Britten-Bozzone of [Perssist]( During their conversation, Ari and Evan chat about the finer points of the virtual assistant industry, as well as discuss the origins of Perssist as a business.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 19:20 – Introduction of Even Britten-Bozzone, founder of Perssist

– 19:47 – On-demand virtual assistance services and what makes Perssist different

– 21:02 – Time-sensitivity and focus specialization are benefits of Perssist

– 23:54 – Perssist’s recruiting process

– 26:10 – Perssist does not charge per _task_ it charges per _hour_.

– 29:05 – Perssist allows members to submit tasks with _specific _time requests

– 30:02 – Not everyone is _good _manager of other people

– 31:00 – At this time, Perssist only has two, full-time members

– 31:35 – The inspiration for Perssist was literally hearing people complain about having to complete tasks

– 32:40 – Evan’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_

– 32:55 – To get more done, determine if _you _need to do the task

– 33:45 – Make sure your request is clear, succinct and to the point

– 34:04 – Use a pen and paper to stay on top of your daily tasks

– 34:53 – Example of cool requests from Perssist’s users

– 35:34 – Perssist is in the process of integrating with Google Calendar and Dropbox

– 36:00 –

**5 Key Points:**

  1. Time-sensitivity and proven expertise are things people value in a virtual assistant.
  2. Not everyone knows how to manage people.
  3. Sometime the inspiration for a business comes from the most unlikely sources.
  4. Determine if _you _actually need to do the task you’re doing…if you don’t, consider outsourcing it.
  5. A huge staff isn’t a requirement for successful business.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Kimi Morton]( –A wellness and productivity master based in the Aloha State

– [The Secret Sauce]( – Kimi’s new podcast which will highlight the _secret sauce _of high achieving people

– [How Doctors Stay Young]( – Daily Mail article about doctors and how they stay “young”

– [Nuts and Cholesterol]( — Send in a voice message: