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Floyd Marinescu – Ask Yourself “Am I Stuck?”

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In Episode #203 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with [Floyd Marinescu](, CEO and Founder of [C4Media](, a media company that focuses on delivering unbiased content and information in the enterprise development community, through two main platforms, [InfoQ]( and QCon Conferences.

Listen as Ari and Floyd discuss the challenges of running a company in the virtual space, and the tricks they use to make it all work.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 12:55 – Introduction of Floyd Marinescu, CEO and Founder of [C4Media](

– 13:40 – At the age of 37, Floyd has only had eight months of in-office experience—he’s always worked virtually

– 14:19 – Floyd defines what C4Media does

– 14:45 – [](

– 15:03 – Floyd is based in Toronto—his company is based EVERYWHERE

– 17:51 – Floyd’s company has yet to find a reason to pivot from Skype and Hangouts instead of Slack

– 18:48 – Slack doesn’t support threading really well which can be a problem

– 19:19 – Running a virtual company is all about understanding rhythm—without rhythm it doesn’t work

– 21:23 – Make your employees actively ask the question “Am I stuck?”

– 22:12 – When people are left alone, their productivity soars

– 22:55 – When you’re not forced to commute, when you’re not force to interact with co-workers merely for the sake of sustaining social norms/etiquette, your energy levels and focus remain high from sunup to sundown

– 24:24 – Floyd breaks down his day in detail

– 26:26 – If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist

– 28:31 – On-boarding and transparency are integral to the success of any business, not just a digital business

– 29:50 – Be bottom-up in every respect, encourage employees to self-report

– 33:10 – The one quality Floyd looks for in employees joining his virtual environment?—transparency and accountability

– 33:55 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Once your employees are ramped-up, give them your trust, give them autonomy.

2. Encourage your organization to operate from the bottom-up.

3. Transparency and accountability are the two things your employees MUST have—everything else can be taught.

4. Never be afraid to ask yourself “Am I stuck?” and “Do I need help?”

5. If you need your conversations stacked, don’t use Slack.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [How to Bootstrap Prison](

– An article from Entrepreneur magazine about the savviness of the incarcerated – [The Interest in Having Children](

– A questionable test comparing reactivity to porn in men, and their desire to have children – [Beepi](

– A new service that makes it easier to buy and sell your car – [CodeDesign]( – a plug-in for Google Chrome to help web designers – [Mezi](

– Your personal shopping assistant – [Esper](

– How you spend your time each week – [OverLap](

– An AI scheduling assistant – Call 1-844-i-do-less – Toll-Free number, Press “0” to speak with a Less Doing Certified Coach – Text DOLESS – Text DOLESS to 33733

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– Audio Production by [Chris Mottram](

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