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GarthofCairnCrestFarmsInterview # Episode 143


In Episode #143 Ari solo-hosts the podcast once again for this week’s interview with Garth Brown of [Carincrest Farm]( During the podcast Ari and Garth talk about sustainability, the all-too-frequently overlooked challenges of farming and the future of food.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 12:52 – Introduction of Garth Brown of [Carincrest Farms](

– 13:19 – The essence of Carincrest Farms is this: Only eat what YOU grow for 1-calendar year

– 15:00 – This has been an endeavor 5 years in the making

– 16:00 – Why Garth (and his brother) decided to make the switch to full-time farming

– 19:00 – How Garth learned about farming and land-management

– 19:18 – Read and ask questions

– 20:00 – The challenge with any objective is taking all of the sub-goals and bringing them to fruition

– 21:05 – Due to FDA regulations, an FDA inspected slaughterhouse needs to be in-place if the processed meat is to be sold for retail

– 23:18 – How animal stress can impact the _quality _ of the meat

– 25:03 – Garth’s biggest goal is to ensure there is no off-flavor in the meat

– 25:20 – If you’re charging a premium price, you need to ensure delivery of a premium product

– 25:48 – Some of the items Garth & CO have had to sacrifice during their 12-month journey

– 26:35 – The day-to-day food is great but, honestly, the lack of variety is tiring

– 27:10 – The Carincrest farm does not have dairy cows so dairy is OUT

– 27:40 – A sample Carincrest meal

– 29:29 – A second sample Carincrest meal

– 29:45 – To date, Garth has not lost weight but he is low on energy since embarking on this dietary journey

– 30:25 – Garth’s extremities get colder quicker now and he sleeps more

– 31:52 – The future of Carincrest meat production

– 34:40 – Where Carincrest meats are sold

– 36:10 –

**7 Key Points:**

  1. The average 1st world —

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