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Geoffrey Miller – Advice Isn’t Universal

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In Episode #200 Ari interviews [Geoffrey Miller](, an evolutionary psychologist who studies human nature through the lens of ancestral survival and reproductive behaviors.

Listen as Ari and Geoffrey talk about the latter’s studies and experiences as a researcher in a relatively unexplored field.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 11:45 – Geoffrey joins the show.

– 11:53 – Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new field that studies human nature in terms of how our ancestors survived and reproduced.

– 13:00 – The methods of studying evolutionary psychology are varied – from studying indigenous societies to conducting online surveys.

– 14:20 – As an undergraduate at Columbia Geoffrey studied neuroscience and cognitive psychology, but became passionately interested in evolutionary psychology instead.

– 15:44 – Geoffrey studied lap dancers and found that they earned more money in tips when they’re just about to ovulate. The study won the Ig Noble Prize in 2008 for economics.

– 17:12 – Unfortunately, the exact reasons for the increase in tips is unknown.

– 17:55 – The lap dancers in the study were consistent in experience. Geoffrey is confident that it wasn’t a superficial change that changed their earnings.

– 19:02 – There is evidence that suggests that women become more competitive with the same-sex before ovulation.

– 19:40 – Research has found that women who use a contraceptive pill to eliminate their cycle earn on average 15-20K less than women who don’t.

– 20:45 – Geoffrey advises people to pay attention to the correlation between bio cycles and productivity.

– 21:39 – Women may be able to use their cycles to their advantage – by being more productive or competitive during certain times of the month.

– 23:39 – Geoffrey thinks that the emphasis on the contraceptive pill for women is an unusual American phenomenon. He’s not an expert but he would recommend the IUD.

– 24:37 – Often times negative consequences can occur from messing with bodily hormones.

– 25:33 – The Mating Ground was designed to help single men find a partner with a scientific approach that was also practical and actionable.

– 27:44 – Geoffrey recommends that all young men should scope out gender ratios and cultures when moving to an unfamiliar area such as for college or work.

– 30:56 – Geoffrey recommends that young men should make their dating life an extension of their social life.

– 32:00 – Geoffrey’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective _

– 32:09 – Know yourself – your mental strengths and weaknesses. Take advice that is well suited for your personal suits and strengths.

– 33:29 – Don’t delude yourself about why you’re doing things.

– 35:48 – A lot of men are handicapped in the personal style and grooming department.

– 37:50 – Geoffrey discusses a study on a woman’s perception of a man wearing certain shoes.

**4 Key Points:**

1. Humans are heavily influenced by biological processes such as ovulation. Evolutionary psychologists study behavior that stems from how our ancestors survived and reproduced.

2. Advice isn’t always universal – types of advice work more effectively for certain types of people.

3. One of the biggest deficiencies in American single men today in attracting women is paying attention to personal style and being well groomed.

4. Young men should make their dating life an extension of their social life instead of treating the two separately.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Endurance]( – A small app that boosts your Mac’s battery by 20% – [App Content Analytics by Branch]( – Fig — Send in a voice message: