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**Episode 101** **Summary:** In Episode #101 Ari interviews [Dr. Gil Blander](, initial founder and current president of InsideTracker, the maker of industry-leading health analytics tools for personal use. As they exchange thoughts on the importance of health, Ari and Gil cover DIY blood testing, Ari’s Cholesterol and the true markers of optimal health.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 01:45 – Ari introduces Gil Blander (2nd time on podcast) of Inside Tracker

– 01:55 – Full Disclosure: Ari is an advisor to Insider Tracker

– 02:01 – Inside Tracker allows for self-blood testing in a way the doctor might not permit

– 02:43 – Gil provides a full overview of Inside Tracker

– 03:40 – General frequency recommendation for tracking blood markers

– 04:02 – At the beginning, get three different blood tests

– 04:40 – With the baseline tests as a launch pad, it becomes easier to establish blood-goals

– 06:10 – Ari and Gil discuss Ari’s latest results from Inside Tracker measurements

– 10:09 – Ari’s testosterone measurements are discussed

– 11:20 – Fatigue and diet are directly correlated to testosterone production

– 13:58 – CRP as a marker of inflammation

– 15:55 – Inside Tracker is releasing a new product called PhysioAge

– 16:38 – Ari and Gil touch on the vital importance of magnesium

– 18:30 – People overlook the glucose marker

– 18:50 – Glucose is the best indicator for longevity

– 19:14 – It’s important to keep glucose levels as low as possible

– 20:30 – Gil’s take-home message: _Keep glucose levels down_

– 20:45 – Cholesterol, HDLs and LDLs

– 21:15 – Overall cholesterol number is not as important as it used to be

– 21:38 – LDL and HDL numbers do not stand in a vacuum

– 22:08 – If blood pressure is optimal and the person is not overweight, high LDL and HDL numbers aren’t necessarily bad

– 22:28 – Glucose levels are a far more important health marker than cholesterol levels

– 23:17 – The information from the doctor isn’t necessarily as complete as the information from a testing service

– 23:39 – Seeing the “trend” of your blood work is vitally important

– 24:09 – Start to maintain your health, wellness and longevity as effectively as you manage everything else ** **

**7 Key Points:**

1. Personal health management is vitally important

2. Home blood-testing allows for frequent blood marker tracking

3. Glucose level is the _best _marker for tracking longevity

4. Keep glucose levels as low as possible to encourage health

5. Cholesterol numbers are not as important as they used to be in measuring overall health

6. Being able to track blood trends is immensely important to health

7. Manage health and wellness as effectively as you manage everything else

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [InsideTracker]( – “A_ personalized health analytics company founded by leading scientists, physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists_”

– [PhysioAge]( – A new product designed to “_tell InsideTracker customers their age, which will be estimated by their body’s health and probable life expectancy_”

**Credits:** – Music and Audio Editing provided by [Felix Bird]( – Show Notes provided by [Mike Rossi]( ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: