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Gregg Alyce – Sending Personalized Gifts

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In this episode of the Leverage Podcast, Ari and Nick interview [Greg Segall](, CEO of [Alyce](, a gifting service that matches customers with their intended recipients with unique B2C based gifts. Alyce strategically profiles its customers using social data to find that perfect gift. Listen as Gregg gives us the inside look into Alyce’s services and how sending a personalized gift has a greater impact to those on the receiving end. **Key Quote** “Everyone knows that when you send a gift that’s personalized to any individual, it’s a hundred times more impactful than when you’re actually just sending a generic gift to anybody.”

**What You’ll Learn**

  • – What Alyce is and how it works
  • – The impact that gifts have when sent in the perfect timing
  • – How Alyce does extensive research to match gifts
  • – What other platforms Alyce uses to source information
  • – Alyce only needs your first name, last name, company name, and email
  • – How gift suggestions are made
  • – How Alyce profiles a customer’s demographics and psychographics
  • – The psychology behind what the giver wants to give vs. what the recipient wants to receive
  • – Alyce uses a general scoring algorithm for finding gift suggestions
  • – Alyce’s catalogs are highly curated
  • How Alyce tailors packages for businesses who want to send gifts to their audience

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