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Guillermo Miotti – LEGO Serious Play

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# Summary:

In Episode #190 Ari interviews [Guillermo Miotti]( of LEGO Serious Play, a consultancy designed to help multinational businesses improve internal communications and processes through creative, LEGO-based problem solving exercises.

**Special Announcements:**

This week’s episode of the Less Doing Podcast is brought to you by [JustWorks](, an innovative company striving to make payroll, benefits, and compliance management a seamless and stress-free process.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 0:32- Introduction of [JustWorks]( and Isaac Oats

– 0:39 – Payroll is obviously complicated and scalable

– 0:55 – Payroll is unfair for smaller businesses

– 01:15 – What JustWorks does

– 01:35 – JustWorks is built to work with employees more so than contractors

– 06:40 – The Less Doing Mastermind program is no more

– 07:35 – Calvin App has finally gone LIVE

– 10:40 – Many soldiers are NOT ready to enter the job market

– 11:40 – LDVA has opened up the hiring—if you are looking for a new opportunity, or know someone who is, send an email to [](

– 13:00 –

– 27:05 – Introduction of Guillermo Miotti of LEGO [Serious Play](

– 27:36 – Guillermo’s background as a psychologist and HR Specialist in Argentina

– 28:28 – Quickly became a “change management” expert

– 29:45 – How LEGO determined LEGOs can be effective in the workplace

– 32:28 – Testing included bouts at MIT and NASA

– 33:12 – LEGO Education is a HUGE business unit

– 33:45 – It’s all about being OPEN to learning

– 34:00 – What a “play” session looks like

– 34:20 – Start by DEFINING the problem

– 35:35 – Ask a question, provide an answer, analyze the answer, reflect as a team

– 36:30 – When we are using our hands to play, 100% of our attention is on the task at hand

– 37:55 – LEGO Serious Play engages EVERYONE in the room, not just the traditional decision makers

– 39:40 – Our hands share an intimate neural connection with our brains

– 40:32 – The LEGO sets are specifically designed for customers and are _not_ available in stores

– 41:22 – Guillermo works (primarily) for multinationals

– 42:17 – If you OR your organization created the problem, you also have the capacity to solve it

– 42:45 – We don’t normally conceptualize in 3D

– 44:30 – Story_making_ (not telling) is undervalued

– 45:32 – Part of the beauty of the program is the simplicity of LEGOs

– 45:45 – Guillermo’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_:

– 45:56 – Be aware of what drives you—what is your passion?

– 46:21 – Have fun—PLAY!

– 46:35 – Try to create something new with others

– 47:00 – []( and [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Define your problems explicitly—if you don’t you can’t solve them.

2. Find beauty in simplicity.

3. “Get in there with your hands!”—our hands share serious neural connections with our brains, helping us to think more effectively.

4. Don’t just story_tell_, story_make_.

5. If you created a problem you also have the capacity to solve it.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [The Less Doing WODcast](

– A FULLY AUTOMATED daily workout routine brought to you for FREE by Dave Rael and Ari – Call 1-844-i-do-less – Toll-Free number, Press “0” to speak with a Less Doing Certified Coach – Text DOLESS – Text DOLESS to 33733 – [Washing Dishes for Mindfulness](

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