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J. P. Sears – Always Bet on Your Authentic Self

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You’ve likely seen a J.P. Sears video on Facebook or Youtube – he’s the guy with the long red hair who does the tongue-in-cheek comedy videos about spirituality, politics, relationships, and so much more. J.P. has become somewhat of a Youtube sensation these days and is on the show with Ari and Nick to tell the story of how he went from emotional healer to emotional healing Youtube sensation. You’ll find his insight about how to be your authentic self and be productive at the same time quite helpful, and you’ll have a few laughs along the way. Join Ari and Nick on this episode as they chat (and laugh) with J.P. Sears.

How things exploded for J.P. (in a good way) when he quit believing lies. On this episode of Leverage, J.P. Sears tells the story of how he was not gaining much traction in his emotional healing practice because he was telling himself lies What were the lies? That he’d ruin his credibility if he allowed his natural sense of humor to come out. But when he decided that was a part of himself he could no longer keep hidden, he decided to let it out by recording his first comedy video. He not only found a new avenue of personal fulfillment but also discovered that others were drawn to his sense of humor. That’s when his career began to skyrocket. You can hear the rest of his story in detail, on this episode of Leverage.

What does it mean to bet on your authentic self? You hear the term “authentic self” a lot these days. J.P. Sears says that everyone needs to learn how to be who they really are, not who they think people expect them to be or want them to be. That’s the only way you can truly know who you are and what you bring to the world that is unique and beneficial. His advice for anyone who wants to be more effective: Always bet on your authentic self. Find out what he means by that, on this episode.

Avoiding the people-pleasing trap is essential for anyone who wants to make a difference. One of the things that held J.P. Sears back from excelling in his career as an emotional healing coach was that he was trying to please others. He wanted to be respected in his field so he was careful to do the things he believed others in the field would expect of him. But he found that important aspects of who he was were being stifled, and in time he couldn’t continue with the dissonance that was going on in his own soul. Once he let out the parts of him he was keeping tucked away, his career began to take off. J.P.’s story is an example of how being true to your authentic self is the best thing you can do to be effective.

How J.P. uses outsourcing to highlight his unique abilities. It’s obvious from watching any of J.P. Sears’ videos that he’s a witty, creative person. In order to be most effective in his creativity, he’s had to outsource some of the tasks that need to happen for the sake of his business success so he doesn’t become bogged down in them. That allows him to continue to use his creative gifts effectively. On this episode J.P. describes a bit of the process he’s gone through to outsource for the sake of effectiveness, so be sure you listen.

Outline of This Episode

– [0:03] Why J.P. is glad they guys are irresponsible enough to ask him on the show.

– [1:45] J.P.’s specific background as an emotional healing coach and how he got started.

– [5:13] How J.P. transitioned from wholistic healer to Youtube sensation.

– [11:09] How comedy videos have helped J.P. accomplish his goals. – [14:37] The places and people J.P. derives inspiration from.

– [19:11] J.P.’s morning routine.

– [23:42] What J.P. hopes readers get from his new book.

– [26:52] Ari’s idea for a business retreat: J.P.’s response.

– [33:42] A Facebook question: Are Vegans better people? Yes, but they are hypocritical.

– [34:20] What is J.P.’s unique ability and how does he use outsourcing to protect it?

– [37:52] What’s next for J.P.?

– [40:04] J.P.’s top three pieces of advice to be more effective.

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