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# Episode 177

**Summary:** In Episode #177 Ari – joined by special guest hosts [Kavon]( and [Andrew James]( of the Less Doing Mastermind Group – interviews [Jay Samit](, serial entrepreneur, digital media innovator and pioneer in the music, video distribution, social media, and eCommerce spaces. Listen as Jay and Ari talk disruption, entrepreneurship, and the benefits of failure.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 30:37 – Introduction of [Jay Samit](

– 30:56 – How Jay got started

– 31:43 – “Intrapreneur”

– 32:38 – Figure out how to build bridges and take on the establishment—otherwise you will fail

– 33:00 – Disruption isn’t necessarily the essence of entrepreneurship but it is a large component of it

– 33:24 – The Benihana example

– 34:25 – Disruption is applicable to business or social institutions

– 34:45 – Whatever you were told as a kid is BS—you are LIMITLESS

– 35:19 – The only people that solve problems are entrepreneurs

– 36:25 – Jay is the guy behind buying ringtones

– 37:13 – The disruption factor for ooVoo

– 38:05 – It’s not that their product is better (which it is), but it meets the market need

– 39:55 – Systematizing disruption

– 40:18 – Believe that you can and don’t be afraid to fail

– 40:23 – The biggest mistake people make is not even trying

– 40:35 – Opportunities ripe for disruption

– 41:38 – You only need to be ripe for one second to become a billionaire

– 42:52 – Jay is dyslexic

– 43:27 – You are not hard-wired to be good or bad at anything—you control your brain

– 43:58 – Jay’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 44:03 – You can’t go it alone—find the right mentor

– 44:17 – Focus on where value is captured

– 44:27 – Get over your fear of failure

– 46:15 – If you have the drive and determination, you can hire every other aspect of the business

– 46:38 – Jay’s thought on SMS-based businesses

– 47:55 – Most of the technologies that were invented, weren’t invented with a business case in mind

– 50:09 – [](

**7 Key Points:**

1. Failure and failing are NOT the same thing.

2. You only need one second and one idea to become a billionaire.

3. Often people’s biggest regret is the risk they never took.

4. Challenge the establishment but build bridges while doing so.

5. You only need drive and determination—every other element can be outsourced.

6. Always try something at least once—otherwise you might regret it.

7. You are limitless!

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Pixate]( – Really, really cool design portal where – with no code – you can prototype an app – [Jet]( – Guaranteed lowest price available for _anything _you buy – [Concert Hotels]( – Got rhythm? A game that syncs rhythm and keyboard strokes – [UO Beam]( – — Send in a voice message: