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# Episode 129


In Episode #130 Ari brings Jayson Gaignard, the creator of Mastermind Talks, onto the program for a memorable interview. During their conversation, Jayson shares his fascinating story which involves dropping out of high school, early entrepreneurial success, dangerous encounters with debt and, of course, the origins of the Mastermind Talks.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 29:20 – Introduction of Jayson Gaignard, founder of the Mastermind Talks

– 30:30 – Jayson shares the Tim Ferris connection and how Mastermind Talks got started

– 31:45 – Early success isn’t everything—despite Jayson’s incredible fortune early on, by August of 2012 he was $250,000 in debt

– 32:15 – The notion of the connection economy led to the first ever Mastermind Dinner

– 33:25 – The bank can take your car and your home, but it cannot take your connections

– 35:10 – Jayson is a huge proponent in the power of morning rituals

– 35:50 – Every time Jayson has stretched himself, he has found a way to make it work

– 37:05 – Never tarnish your word and always invest in your network

– 37:55 – How Jayson determines which tips and tricks will work best for each individual Mastermind talk

– 39:50 – Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel—It’s that simple and that hard

– 41:00 – Technology tools Jayson uses to keep track of everything

– 41:35 – Contactually

– 42:20 – Mainly, Jayson is always trying to have better people in his network

– 43:35 – Zapier

– 44:00 –

– 45:50 – The _actual _Mastermind

– 46:00 – 3-Days, $20,000 and only 150 people are admitted

– 47:00 – An Experience day, a Mastermind day and a Learning day

– 48:10 – Is there a co —

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