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**Summary:** In Episode

#176 Ari – joined by special guest host [Kavon]( of the Less Doing Mastermind Group – interviews Jeremie Rodger, a [Couch Surfing]( veteran and 26 year-old entrepreneur with a natural knack for taking roads less travelled in order to find success. Tune-in to hear Ari and Jeremie talk automation and outsourcing in meticulous detail!

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 17:48 – Introduction of Jeremie Rodger

– 18:10 – Jeremie shares his background

– 18:33 – How Jeremie got into the business

– 19:12 – Spent 19-21 traveling around Europe via

– 19:45 – Jeremie addresses the safety concerns of Couch Surfing

– 22:15 – As much as Jeremie enjoyed being a broke-hippie, he knew he would need the money and a professional future so he started looking at digital opportunities

– 23:10 – Started making websites and then started outsourcing website design

– 23:43 – Jeremie got into the Yoga niche on Amazon

– 24:25 – Sometimes the best ideas are reverse-engineered

– 25:50 – Get good at hiring people overseas to cut down on your costs and time

– 26:33 – What are the repeatable processes that happen and who’s going to do them?

– 27:21 – When you do something twice, it takes you more than 10 minutes, and/or you don’t like doing it, that’s a ripe opportunity for systemization

– 28:29 – Some people don’t realize how much time can be saved if they just shift their mindset

– 29:29 – Until people are forced to do something, they’ll often avoid doing it

– 30:30 – How Jeremie systemizes everything using: Google Sites, Dropbox, Slack, Asana, Screenflow

– 32:48 – Sometimes Ari creates a complicated process for automation to better pinpoint where problems are when they happen

– 34:50 – Talking about Slack

– 35:17 – MeeKan—a scheduling bot

– 37:00 – Jeremie makes screencasts of everything he does and then uploads said videos to a private YouTube Channel

– 39:50 – “Oh fuck, we need systems”—truer words were never spoken

– 41:00 – Jeremie’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 41:18 – Think more like a board member or shareholder than a manager

– 42:10 – The best productivity tool of all time is staff

– 43:19 – Have a great product

– 44:07 – [Sidekicks.Co]( and [Jeremie Rodger](

**7 Key Points:**

1. Don’t be stupid—you NEED systems and processes.

2. Don’t be afraid to drop everything and travel—some of life’s greatest insights, opportunities, and people are discovered that way.

3. Think like a shareholder, not a manager.

4. Learn how to hire people overseas.

5. If you do something twice, take longer than 10 minutes, or you don’t like doing it, find a way to automate or outsource.

6. Identify repeatable process and automate them.

7. Sometimes the best way to start doing something (or defeat a fear) is to intentionally put yourself in a hole with no other way out.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Vida]( – — Send in a voice message: