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Jesse Yandell – The Resiliency of the U.S. Army Ranger

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# Summary:

In Episode #207 Ari welcomes [Jesse Yandell](, an NCO and US Army Ranger who’s successfully transitioning from life as a Special Forces operator, to life as an entrepreneur.

Listen as Jesse and Ari talk about what it takes to make it as an US Army Ranger, how military training is _perfect_ for any aspiring entrepreneur, and why doing the routine things routinely is of the utmost importance.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 31:15 – Introduction of Jesse Yandell

– 31:45 – NCO and US Army Ranger

– 32:02 – What the Rangers do

– 33:05 – When much is given, much is expected

– 34:10 – _The Standard_—there’s no grey area…it’s pass or fail in the Special Forces

– 35:35 – What the Rangers specialize in? What’s their talent?—The Ranger Fire Team

– 37:04 – Turning fear into courage

– 37:55 – Jesse has done 15 tours

– 39:15 – Describing the week of recovery

– 40:50 – The resiliency of the Ranger

– 41:50 – The Special Forces community uses PT to handle the recovery process

– 43:03 – Rangers are responsible for making sure their teammates get the help they need when they need it

– 43:52 – You need to take your recovery as seriously as your training

– 44:22 – No one ever sees their own warning signs

– 45:00 – _Do the routine things routinely_

– 45:22 – Waking up at 5:30 AM every day

– 47:47 – Jesse’s Ranger Buddy in Business

– 48:05 – [](

– 49:20 – [The Uncommon Human](

– 51:00 – Don’t put yourself in a compromising situation

– 51:24 – _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– Become confident, than become self-reliant

– Live with discipline and humility

– Maintain balance

– 52:25 – [](

3 Key Points:

1. Do the routine things routinely.

2. Understand that when much is given to you, much is expected of you.

3. Never intentionally put yourself into a situation where you’re questioning your morals or integrity.

Resources Mentioned:

– [SirCa](

– Helps you find services and facilities along your route, regardless of your mode of transit – [What the Productive Won’t Do](

– A great article from Marc and Angel – [How to be a Better Parent](

– From Barking Up the Wrong Tree – [Hail Overman](

– A flow-state writing app that will keep you writing – [True Bill](

– Find, track, and cancel all your subscriptions in one go – [Workato](

– Like Zapier, but you’re talking to a bot to create the automation in slack – [Knote](

– Want to be creative? Don’t sleep – [SethGodin](

– An upcoming interview with Ari – [The Uncommon Human](

– Jesse’s Company Sponsored By: [EarthClassMail](

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– Original Music provided by [Felix Bird](

– Audio Production by [Chris Mottram](

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