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Jim Klopman – Getting Balanced

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[Jim Klopman]( is the inventor and owner of [The Slack Bow Balance Training System]( He is also the author of [_Balance is Power_]( and was a Board Member, Treasurer, and Leadership Consultant for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. The Slack Bow is an indoor unit, primarily developed by and for Jim, to increase one’s athletic balance. Listen as Jim explains the importance of balance, the very things that deplete our balance, and how you can improve your balance using Slack bow.

“Our science is [that] we’ve really developed great progressions.”

What You’ll Learn

  1. How the greatest secret to athleticism is improving your balance
  2. What the Klopman Balance Index is
  3. The things that deplete our balance
  4. Why balance is important for people and athletes
  5. The importance of the athletic position and the different variations
  6. What Jim means by activating the muscles
  7. Why using heavy weights are unnatural for the body
  8. How Jim helps his clients through progressions
  9. How balance plays a role in coordination and the ability to pull your muscles and kinetic chain
  10. The price of the Slack Bow and other products offered by Jim

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