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Jonny Deacon – DNA Diagnostics for Increased Training and Performance

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DNA diagnostics are one of the cutting-edge things that are of huge interest to us here at Leverage. We believe that understanding the science behind how the human body works is a powerful way to not only be more productive but to be truly effective in life. When you take that approach to an individual level you’re able to optimize your actions and make the best choices for you as an individual. This episode is a conversation with Jonny Deacon of My DNA Coach, a company that helps athletes and regular people alike understand their unique genetic markers and use that information to reach the health goals they dream of reaching. Find out more on this episode.

DNA diagnostics can help you create a custom training plan for your unique physiology. One of the primary tools Jonny Deacon uses at My DNA Coach is DNA diagnostics. He believes and has seen in the work he does with his clients, that genetic data can provide a powerful window into the way your unique physiology works – and can be leveraged to create a training program that works WITH your body’s natural way of operating instead of against it. Make sure you listen to this episode to discover how you can discover your particular approach to training, productivity, and more.

Why a one-size-fits-all exercise protocol is no longer applicable. We’ve all heard the 3-sets, 3 days a week exercise approach. We’ve probably done it. But that approach to fitness, while better than nothing, is seriously limited in what it enables you to accomplish – simply because it’s not tailored to your specific body and abilities. On this episode of Leverage, Nick and Ari talk with Jonny Deacon of My DNA Coach to find out how DNA testing and diagnostics reveal specific physiological strengths and weaknesses that inform the exercise choices and routines individuals can follow to achieve greater and faster results in their fitness and performance goals. You won’t want to miss this one.

How DNA diagnostics can inform diet and nutrition choices. Some of the most popular modern uses of DNA testing is for things like paternity tests, ancestry research, etc. But it’s also proving very helpful for making better nutritional and dietary choices. As you are able to know the facts of your own body’s strengths and weaknesses, you can make food choices specifically aimed at shoring up the weaknesses and amplifying the strengths. Jonny Deacon is our guest on this episode and he’s got a wealth of DNA-based knowledge to share with you – don’t miss it.

What type of goals can you address with DNA diagnostics? Most of us seek help when everything we’ve tried on our own has either failed or proven less successful than we had hoped. Jonny Deacon says another reason to seek the advice of a skilled professional is to gain knowledge that you simply can’t gain on your own. That’s why My DNA Coach exists. His team comes alongside individuals who want to maximize their personal well-being by receiving mental, physical, and DNA-based coaching for the sake of weight loss, fitness, and sports and career performance. You can find out more about the amazing work Jonny is doing, on this episode of Leverage.

Outline of This Episode

– [0:33] Who is Jonny Deacon and why is he on the show today?

– [3:20] Using Nick’s results as an example of what Jonny does for clients.

– [9:10] How to use DNA testing to build a strategy for better training.

– [17:18] The unique process Jonny uses to work with clients.

– [19:16] The types of goals people come to Jonny to address.

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