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# Episode 119

**Summary:** In Episode #119 Ari interviews blogger, author and relationship coach Jordan Gray of [Jordan Gray Consulting]( During this podcast, Jordan discusses the nuances of his profession, the oft overlooked intricacies of life in the bedroom and the important distinction between male ejaculation and male orgasm. Jordan and Ari close the discussion by sharing some of their secrets for effective content production.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 22:46 – Introduction of Jordan Gray

– 23:15 – How Jordan became a relationship coach

– 24:15 – Most of Jordan’s clients are single, male entrepreneurs

– 24:25 – These men tend to be mission and passion driven; work is their #1 priority and their partners take the backseat

– 25:00 – Surprisingly, these men demonstrate a high-degree of sexual dysfunction in Jordan’s experience

– 25:40 – Is there a best-practice for dealing with these men?

– 26:45 – Jordan is an advocate of redirecting energy, specifically semen retention and harnessing sexual energy for greater sexual productivity

– 27:10 – The manifestation of energy redirection

– 28:44 – According to Taoist philosophy, men have more creative energy and “do better” when they _limit _their ejaculation frequency

– 30:50 – Men get a huge surge of testosterone roughly 6-7 days following their previous ejaculation

– 31:50 – Contrary to popular belief, men have their own unique hormonal cycle

– 32:50 – Men can have non-ejaculatory (dry) orgasms – 33:48 – This actually gets easier with age

– 35:15 – Learning to separate ejaculation and orgasm, in many cases, significantly increases sexual satisfaction

– 36:25 – More often than not, we take for granted how incredible our biological functions are

– 36:48 – Jordan produces an _unbelievable _amount of content

– 37:15 – The content production process

– 39:55 – Jordan designed his content production process so that it is _not _location specific

– 40:03 – Airplanes are a great place to plug-in and produce content

– 41:50 – People can fail to realize where distractibility comes from; finding a way to shut out external stimuli can radically improve performance

– 42:15 – Jordan’s take on the naturalness of monogamy

– 43:20 – Is monogamy natural?—No. Is it recommended for healthy living?—Yes.

– 43:55 – Jordan’s _Top 3 Tips to Be More Effective:_

– 44:20 – Ditch the mindset of “I need a career before I need a relationship”

– 45:10 – If 100% of your calendar is business focused, repurpose at least 10% for your relationship

– 46:50 – Create a shared Google Doc for you and your partner; a relationship bucket-list

– 48:05 – [](

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Many male entrepreneurs suffer from sexual dysfunction and struggle to maintain _healthy _relationships.
  2. Redirect energy for increased productivity inside and outside the bedroom.
  3. Studies show men benefit from a surge of testosterone when they go 6-7 days without an ejaculation.
  4. Men have their own unique hormonal cycle.
  5. Learning to separate ejaculation from orgasm gets easier with age; it is very challenging for males under the age of 25.
  6. Block out external stimuli – both visual and auditory – to maximize productivity.
  7. Monogamy is _not _natural but it is nevertheless an advantageous practice for humans.
  8. **Resources Mentioned:** – [Design Pickle](http://designpick — Send in a voice message: