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# **Summary:**

In Episode #164 Ari invites PhD and author of [Two Awesome Hours](, Josh Davis, on the Less Doing podcast. During this week’s interview, Ari and Josh go in-depth on the subject of brains, neural programming and why working for great lengths of time is far from being the _right _way to tackle a busy schedule.

**Special Announcements:**

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

  • – 30:46 – Introduction of Josh Davis of [Two Awesome Hours](
  • – 31:05 – Josh defines the [NeuroLeadership Institute](
  • – 32:47 – Josh’s background is varied but he eventually fell into psychology and research
  • – 34:15 – The genesis for Two Awesome Hours
  • – 34:30 – More and more—people are being _overwhelmed _with work and the natural response is to work harder, longer and more frequently—this is a terrible solution for a human being
  • – 35:15 – What we _can _do, is be very effective for short bursts of time—we’re sprinters
  • – 36:23 – You don’t need to be “ON” all day long
  • – 37:12 – People who brag about how much work they do or how little they sleep are (for lack of a better word) foolish
  • – 38:52 – The strategies Josh recommends
  • – 38:58 – There really are only a handful of moments throughout the day where we can make decisions about what task to do next
  • – 39:39 – Most of the time we’re rolling on auto pilot so recognize those few moments when you’re fully aware and present
  • – 40:39 – Do what’s important, not what’s urgent
  • – 41:12 – Time isn’t wasted during those moments we’re “in-between” tasks…time is wasted when we get started on the wrong task
  • – 41:30 – Josh’s routine
  • – 43:46 – Exercise has incredible short-term benefits
  • – 46:00 – Things that we need to do “well” are things where we need to be _fully present_
  • – 48:04 – The importance of environment and how we can improve _any _workspace
  • – 49:03 – ADD isn’t a problem—that’s how your brain, your attention system, is supposed to work
  • – 51:59 – Josh’s _Top 2 Tips to be More Effective_:
  • – 52:07 – Learn some self-compassion
  • – 52:48 – Understand that mind-wandering is completely healthy
  • – 53:30 – Check out the [NeuroLeadership Institute]( and [](

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Enjoy the moments when your mind decides to wander—let it happen.
  2. Your brain is naturally wired to have what essentially amounts to ADD—it’s not a problem.
  3. Obtain self-compassion.
  4. You can’t be “ON all day and, more importantly, you don’t need to be.
  5. We can be incredibly effective for short periods of time.
  6. Time isn’t wasted in-between tasks, it’s wasted when the wrong task is started.
  7. Exercise has amazing and oft-overlooked short-term benefits.

**Resources Mentioned:**

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